MultiTech Conduit AP MTCAP-868-001L Connect to Local Network

The gateway needs to be connected to a PC first not to local network, as it’s set to DHCP server by default, web-browse the device using its default address

To enable WAN configurations which will allow remote access to the gateway, we follow below steps:

1-Setup–> Network Interfaces –> click on the pencil to edit etho interface–> Direction –> set to WAN, and then IPv4 settings–> Mode–>set to DHCP client.
2-Firewall–> Input Filter Rules–> Add Rule–> Add two Webaccess, Source: any, Destination: 443 & 80 which are for HTTPs and HTTP.
3-from Administration –> Access Configuration–> tick all HTTP Redirect to HTTPs boxes, and tick the Via WAN box in HTTPs.

4-Save and Restart, and wait till the gateway finishes rebooting.