Updates to Wattsense’s Intelligent Building Management Devices

You may have noticed some recent updates to the Wattsense range. In this blog, we will cover these changes and what they mean to you. Read on to learn more about what’s new with the Wattsense intelligent buildings management devices.

What’s Changed?

Out with the old, in with the new! The Hub and Box have had a bit of a refresh as has the Wattsense brand. These devices have now been replaced by the Bridge and Tower.

Hub -> Bridge
Box -> Tower

These new devices offer all of the same unique features and functionalities you’ve become accustomed to with Wattsense, with some new, more advanced improvements.

Unlike their predecessors, the Bridge and Tower are now the same device which are then purchased with either a license of subscription depending on whether you’d like a hosted or on-premise solution.

Technological Improvements

With their refresh, Wattsense has also released a number of new features including bulk editing of properties and webhooks.

LoRaWAN® Improvements

In order to help you make the most of what LoRaWAN® has to offer, Wattsense has applied the following changes:

  • Optimal Spreading Factor: Wattsense has adapted the way their server connects to a device to maximise its battery life by using Optimal Spreading Factor (SF). This is achieved by optimising the transmission power of the LoRa sensor.
  • Downlink Management: With a class A sensor, only one downlink per device is buffered before being transmitted to the sensor. With class C devices, there is a first-in-first-out queue per device. Downlinks are transmitted to the equipment as they are received with a 13 second delay.
  • An additional new feature available free of charge on the Wattsense Tower is frame counter. This can be used to ensure the Wattsense Tower receives frames correctly. Simply add this feature to your device through your configurations in the user console.

Bulk Editing of Properties

It is now possible to mass edit the properties of a single device or gateway to activate, deactivate or delete them through a new interface.

Create Webhooks in the Console (Tower Only)

A feature which was only previously available through an API connection. Users of the Wattsense Tower can now retrieve property values or be alerted to an alarm directly in the user console. Through the user console, you can also now create datastreams.

*A datastream us a connection between Wattsense servers and your servers, which can either be by a webhook or a cloud-to-cloud MQTT connection.

Other Enhancements…

  • It is now possible to edit a schedule in BACnet format through a user interface accessible in the live data screen.
  • Download your equipment’s configuration and properties in one click from the ‘Download button’ on the configuration screen.
  • Under the ?? icon, to the right of your device name, you can see the number of properties counted in your subscription.
  • Nearly 100 additional LoRaWAN® devices have been added to the Wattsense catalogue of supported devices.

Our expert team are on hand to help you create an intelligent Building Management System which is retrofit to work alongside existing equipment and protocols. Speak with us today to get started with transforming your BMS system.

Please note: These new features are only available on devices operating on firmware version 5.10.5 and above.