Visualising Your IoT Data With Novacene

In this short blog, we will give an overview of the Novacene IoT dashboard and how it can be a useful tool to visualise your IoT data.

What is Novacene?

The Novacene platform is an IoT dashboard system that represents values from your sensors in a graphical way. Moreover, it allows you to digitise the floor plans of your building and place the deployed devices in areas where they are installed. This platform is hosted online and can be accessed from any device by simply visiting the website.

Once you are logged into the platform you will see a map with all your sites. By going into the site, you can see the floor plan of your building and your sensors.

Accessing Your Data

Depending on the type of floor plan, you can have various zones that represent different floors of that building or different areas at your site. From this overview page, you can filter the view by particular device type. You can also scroll through all the graphs and data of your devices. On the digitised floor plan, you can click on any of the sensors to directly go into its data visualisation or you can also click on the desired zone to see all sensors that are added within that zone.

The Novacene platform allows you to represent data in various graphical ways. You can adjust the style of the graph as per your needs. You can also select what data should be visible on the graph or in the list below the graph. It is also worth mentioning that all the data can be downloaded in .csv format or can be pulled from the platform by using the API.

The Novacene dashboard is fully customisable which means you can adjust everything to suit your use case. To make edits all you need to do is to enter the Creator Mode which unlocks plenty of adjustments starting with the geozones, through adjusting the position of particular devices and finishing with setting up various rules and alerts.

Customising Your Dashboard

Rules and alerts can be created per zone. For example, you can create a rule where you will be notified if the temperature in a particular zone exceeds a certain value and also be notified with another message when the temperature goes below a certain value. Currently, notifications can be sent as emails or text messages (SMS). The content of the message is also fully customisable.

Simplifying Your Data & Technical Tips

The Novacene platform also decodes data from the sensors in the background allowing you to just see the data without worrying about writing a decoder to make that happen. With support for dozens of different devices including the most commonly used manufacturers such as Netvox, Elsys, Milesight and many more. The portfolio of supported devices increases all the time so even if your device is not supported at the moment, it can be supported in the future.

For the technical aspect of the portal, Novacene has an intuitive knowledge base which can be accessed through their website. Here, you can find many ‘how to’ guides showing you for example the way to add a device to the floor plan, how to download data from the platform and more. The knowledge base can be accessed by going to

If you are looking for such a platform and you are interested in what you have seen, feel free to contact us. Our team will be happy to go through more details about the platform as well as the commercials.

Discover More in Our Overview Video

Please find our overview video about the Novacene platform below.