IoT & Waste Management: Discover More at the RWM Resource Revolution

Alliot & BrighterBins join IoT & Waste Management

We’re partnering with BrighterBins to demonstrate the benefits of IoT and waste management at the RWM Resource Revoloution show later this week. Taking place at the NEC, Birmingham on 22nd and 23rd September, we’ve summarised what you can expect from the show.

What is the RWM Resource Revolution, and why should I attend?

The RWM Resource Revolution is the UK’s largest recycling, resource and waste management event. Featuring over 100 expert speakers and over 500 exhibitors, the show brings together experts from the waste management, resource and recycling industries.

Sustainability is a hot topic right now, and many companies and organisations are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. The RWM event provides a platform for the latest technologies, practices and innovations, making it a great place to learn more about the latest topics, trends and solutions in the industry.

BrighterBins & Alliot at the RWM

As the UK’s sole distributor for BrighterBins, we will be partnering with them on stand 5-U160 at the RWM Resource Revolution show. With their innovative waste management solution, BrighterBins join together IoT and waste management to provide a truly unique, smart solution. The simple to install device operates by a wireless LoRaWAN® network, and is designed to optimise your waste collections. Adaptable to suit a wide range of bins, the BrighterBins waste management solution can be used to:

  • Prevent overflowing bins, helping to keep towns and cities clean
  • Optimise collection routes
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Reduce costs

With a battery life of up to 8 years (dependent on transmission rates) the BrighterBins smart waste solution is open-API compatible, enabling you to integrate it with any third-party platform.

IoT offers some huge benefits when it comes to optimising your operational efficiencies. To arrange a meeting with us at the show or to find out more about improving your sustainability with IoT get in touch with our expert team.

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Download your FREE Alliot IoT Product Catalogue!

Alliot IoT Product Catalogue

Download your FREE copy of our IoT Product Catalogue now! With easy break downs of Smart categories to find exactly what you are looking for.

To access our comprehensive list of the latest IoT sensors, gateways and dashboards simply click the link below. Categorised under the relevant use cases, our IoT product catalogue is easy to navigate, helping you to select your exact devices for your solution.

Having trouble building your Solution? Speak to a member of our expert technical sales team on +44 (0)1484 599544 or contact our team.

Alternatively you can view many of our products and find out more details in our product listings.

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Connect the dots with NB-IoT – Video Release

Want to know more about NB-IoT, CAT-M1 & LTE-M? Then you have come to the right place. Alliot now offers NB-IoT technology solutions to better fit with your needs.

As we branch out into more IoT technology, the solutions we offer grow as well. NB-Iot is no exception, with its use of SIM only sensors, linking directly to a mobile network. NB-IoT solutions cut out the need for private network set ups, making it much more accessible and flexible. What’s more, reduced costs and quick to deploy NB-IoT could be the right solution for you. Speak to one of our team today to get started with your NB-IoT journey.





Video Transcript – Alliot – Connect the dots with NB-IoT

Alliot Technologies NB-Iot & CAT-M1

The business world is fast paced and ever evolving, you need to be

  • Adaptable
  • Responsive
  • and Agile

Gathering data for your business can be difficult

NB-IoT, CAT-M1, sometimes referred to as LTE-M

Are all types of Cellular connectivity for IoT

Turn your business, building and home into a SMART one…

Where there were once barriers to building an IoT network

  • Accessibility
  • Power
  • Cost

Cellular IoT conquers them all

  • Long life, Compact batteries
  • Hassle free connectivity
  • Fast to deploy

Monitor data across multiple locations

Simply insert a SIM into your sensors and away you go

It’s time to connect the dots of your business

Get started on your Cellular IoT journey, connect with us today!

Alliot Technologies – Europe’s leading distributor of IoT solutions +44(0)1484599544

How To Build Your Own BMS Control System

Technology-based solutions have been used to control and monitor equipment in buildings for years. With IoT there’s so much more we can now add to create a more intelligent building management system. Learn how you can create your own BMS control system with Alliot & Wattsense.

BMS control systems provide a range of benefits for Facility Managers and companies alike. Most commonly used to monitor and control a building’s electrical and mechanical equipment such as office equipment, lighting, heating and ventilation. Building Management Systems can be used to:

  • Improve energy efficiencies
  • Make savings
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Improve overall working conditions
  • Reduce Carbon emissions

Up until now, many BMS control systems operate under a technology known as BACnet (Building Automation Control and Network). BACnet is one of the most widely used protocols for automation control – helping you to tie together systems such as security and ventilation to develop a BMS client capable of controlling and monitoring connected entities.

These systems provide a great deal of functionality to existing BMS. But what if we could take this to the next level and create even more intelligent Building Management Systems?

Meet the Wattsense Range

Wattsense’s gateways enable you to connect your existing BMS systems to other protocols to create your own BMS control system. Opening up a whole world of opportunities, with these gateways you can connect any of our LoRaWAN® sensors to your existing BACnet system with minimal disruption. The Wattsense range support the connection of a total of 13 different protocols meaning you can monitor and control devices altogether in one place.

Wattsense Box or Hub – What’s the Difference?

There are two versions of WattSense’s gateway available. Depending on how you wish to control and monitor your intelligent Building Management System will help you to select the best device for you.

The Wattsense Box is centrally managed which enables you to configure and maintain the device over the internet using Wattsense’s cloud platform. This can be particularly useful for Facility Management companies who may manage a portfolio of buildings across multiple locations.

The Wattsense Hub, on the other hand is a stand alone device that does not require an internet connection. The Hub can be managed on-site via USB. This device is better suited to those looking to create a stand alone BMS control system.

What can LoRaWAN sensors bring to my BMS?

The possibilities are endless! Maybe your existing system has highlighted an area where energy costs are higher, but you don’t have enough information to identify why. In this instance, you could use the NKE Smart Plug to monitor and control power to devices which may be left running out of hours.

Or perhaps you want to add a new element to your BMS and optimise waste collections.

Whatever you are looking to add to your Building Management Systems we can help. Contact our team today for free expert advice on integrating IoT into your BMS systems.

Keeping LoRaWAN keys safe with the Alliot Key Management System

Any LoRaWAN device needs keys in order to work. They are an integral part of the protocol and used to keep data secure and to authorise devices to be able to connect to your IoT system. LoRaWAN key management is an important consideration.

Nearly all LoRaWAN devices connect to a Network Server using an Over-The-Air-Activation process referred to as OTAA. Amongst other things, this uses an AppKey to authenticate your device and as a basis for data encryption for all communication between the device and your server.

Currently, whenever you buy a LoRaWAN device you need to be given the AppEUI (or JoinEUI as it is known in LoRaWAN 1.1) and the AppKey. It is important that this is done in a secure way. If someone is able to intercept your keys then they can compromise the security of your IoT system.

At Alliot we care so much about your security that we have built a secure service to deliver keys to our customers.

Our LoRaWAN Key Management System (KMS) is free to use for our customers, whenever you buy sensors from us (whether we have provisioned new keys or the devices are using the manufacturer’s default keys), we will load the keys into KMS for you to log in and retrieve whenever you want.

Alliot LoRaWAN Key Management System Screenshot
(Note; the data in this screenshot is fake test data!)

How is This Secure?

Our KMS system offers the following security features:

  • Hardened web server with HTTPS only communication. All access to the KMS web software is over HTTPS, we use modern certificates with only modern, secure ciphers enabled. We regularly run our servers through the Qualys SSL-Labs web server testing tool. Our server is given the highest A+ rating. (See screenshot below).
  • Password hashing and enforced long, secure passwords. We only ever store login passwords hashed with unique salt and many thousand iterations of hashing. This means that there is essentially no way of someone cracking passwords. I have to use the word “essentially” as nothing is impossible but it would take even the most powerful super-computers billions of years to do! We enforce the use of long, random passwords, this seems like an inconvenience but it is the only way of making sure people don’t compromise their own security by using easy to guess passwords. If you aren’t already then please use a password manager tool such as, or similar.
  • Brute force protection and “back door” access protection. We rate limit login attempts to mean brute force guessing of passwords is basically impossible (this only works when long, random passwords are used as above). We audit our servers and ensure that there are no unnecessary services running, any necessary services (such as ssh) are locked down, monitored and rate limited and administrative logins to servers for our staff are carefully managed.
  • A no login sharing policy. We insist that our customers use individual logins rather than generic per company logins. Each individual login will see the stored keys for the whole customer. The reason for this is two fold. On one hand it discourages people from keeping login passwords in publicly accessible places or emails for their staff to share. On the other hand it gives us an audit trial of who is doing what on the server if we ever need it.
  • The LoRaWAN keys themselves are stored in a database for retrieval. They are stored using modern, secure encryption methods and master keys are kept securely and not obtainable by unauthorised staff. We rotate the encryption keys periodically.
Qualys SSL Labs result for Alliot LoRaWAN Key Management Server
(Screenshot of Qualys SSL Labs results as of 24th May 2021)

This only covers part of the story. It is important that customers are handling keys securely once they have obtained them. Our LoRaWAN Key Management system means you do not even need to attempt to store keys yourself, if you need them again just login to our system at any time. However, it’s still important to make sure that when you are loading keys into whatever LoRaWAN platform you use, that it is secure itself. Feel free to speak to us for recommendations.

Lastly, it’s worth talking about the standardisation of a secure method of device provisioning and key distribution that the have worked on. This involves manufacturers (or potentially distributors such as ourselves) to operate Join Servers which handle the authentication of devices into any LoRaWAN Network Server. It decouples the authentication and encryption setup process from the Network Server and Application Servers meaning the LNS itself does not need to even know the keys anymore. This will add a whole new level of security to LoRaWAN and is a worthwhile addition to the protocol. But it relies on hardware changes to devices, widespread implementation of LoRaWAN 1.1 on devices and servers and adoption by network providers and manufacturers. So we feel that it will come but it will be some time in the future when all LoRaWAN devices and services are using it. Certainly once it is viable outside of the laboratory, we will be offering it to our customers and we lobby manufacturers to accelerate adoption of new specifications such as this.

The Alliot KMS service is available to any customers buying LoRaWAN devices from us. Please Contact Us to get started.

LoRaWAN Network Management – Why use Kerlink Wanesy?

LoRaWAN Network Management is no simple task. With the potential of having hundreds, even thousands of devices connected to your network, there are various implications which are worth considering. We’ve compiled a short blog to help you identify the benefits that Kerlink Wanesy Management Centre could offer you.

Kerlink Wanesy Management Centre

LoRaWAN® networks are free to use, but there are numerous other costs you should take into account. If you are using free-to-use software there will still be costs involved; you will need to learn how it works, maintain it and support it. If you are setting up a private LoRaWAN® network, no matter how small, you are effectively becoming a radio network operator for your customers. The infrastructure of your networks include:

  • The physical gateways
  • The back haul from the gateways to the internet
  • The LoRaWAN® network server

If any part of this infrastructure has a problem, your entire system will stop working which could unravel even more problems for you!

It’s important you have the right support behind you when problems occur. With Kerlink Wanesy (or any other commercial LNS), you are outsourcing this support burden to Alliot and Kerlink.

Network management is often overlooked by end users, this is a key factor to the failure of IoT solutions at the proof of concept stage.

What is Kerlink Wanesy?

Kerlink’s Wanesy Management Centre can be thought as being two things; 1. a LoRaWAN Network Server and 2. Remote Gateway Management.

Kerlink’s Wanesy LoRaWAN network server implements the LoRaWAN protocol and acts as an essential piece of middleware. This is comparable to other products such as Chirpstack, The Things Network and to some extent, LORIOT.

Remote Gateway Management

The Gateway Management element is something that is currently unique to Kerlink. It provides a central, web-based client where you can remotely access your deployed gateways wherever they may. Regardless of how your devices are connected to the internet, you can access them with Kerlink Wanesy. This means you can even access gateways using 3G or 4G SIM cards. With these devices, the gateway establishes a VPN between itself and Wanesy. With this unique feature, you can perform firmware upgrades and diagnose problems remotely without having to make site visits.

Alerting System

Kerlink’s intuitive Wanesy LoRaWAN Network Management also features an alerting system. This enables you to identify potential problems early and monitor the performance of sensors and gateways on your network.


Security of IoT systems is a hot topic. Kerlink Wanesy allows you to deploy a secure platform in the following ways:

  • Hardened OpenVPN configuration and certificate authentication help to ensure secure communication between gateways and the server.
  • Both the server and gateway software are centrally managed and are thoroughly tested by Kerlink’s developers making it simple for you to keep software up to date.
  • Alerting lets you know about potential problems before they cause too much disruption.

Kerlink’s Wanesy Management Centre also offers a competitive commercial offering. Unlike other LNS options, Kerlink Wanesy offers you low on-boarding fees, and is cost based on the number of gateways, not sensors.

Contact our expert team today to discuss the best LoRaWAN Network Services for your solutions.

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Take Remote Control with NKE’s LoRaWAN Smart Plug

Remote Control Plug

We’ve had lots of requests for a UK variant of a LoRaWAN® Smart Plug. Up until now, these have been hard to come by… make way for the new NKE UK LoRaWAN® Smart Plug! Now it’s here, we’d like to share some of the key features and benefits of this hotly anticipated LoRaWAN® sensor with you.

What is the NKE Smart Plug?

Typically speaking, a Smart Plug is a small adapter that is plugged into a regular electrical wall outlet. Smart Plugs enable you to remotely control connected devices or appliances.

The NKE Smart Plug connects to a public or private LoRaWAN® network to enable you to remotely control connected devices. It also monitors power consumption and power quality measurements such as average/min/max voltage (rms/peak) and frequency.

Uses of Remote Control Plugs

There are many uses for remote control plugs. The NKE Smart Plug is CE certified and is ideal for both domestic and commercial environments. Some example use cases include:

  • Remotely manage the operation of common household electrical appliances
  • Identify areas for improving energy efficiencies
  • Reduce carbon footprints in large office environments by identifying and remotely controlling equipment which may be left running
  • Save money on energy bills in empty premises where appliances may still be connected to power
  • Remotely schedule the hours you want devices to be connected to power with remote power scheduling

We work closely with our partners to help you access the products you need. Our close working relationships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers enable us to help you source and develop the products you require. If there’s something missing from your project contact our expert team to find out how we can help.

Alliot Strike Gold with RAKwireless

Alliot - RAKwireless Gold Partner

We’re delighted to have announced our new partnership with RAKwireless this week. Our new agreement sees Alliot receive the Gold-Level Value Added Reseller status. Find out more about our latest partner news in this short blog.

Who are RAKwireless?

RAK are pioneers in providing innovative and diverse cellular and LoRa connectivity solutions for IoT edge devices. Established in Shenzen, China, in 2014, RAK’s mission is to develop and supply advanced IoT technology and services to the market.

Working together

Our new partnership with RAK sees us add the entire range of IoT sensors and gateways to our portfolio.

“At RAK we value diversity. We collaborate with different partners and we invest time to talk to our partners to understand their unique requirements and help them to realise the business models they need. Our partnership with Alliot strengthens our ideal of working together with partners, no matter how big or small, to accelerate IoT industry progress.”

Ken Yu, CEO of RAKwireless

Alliot Video – LoRaWAN Sensor types

The second part to our educational video series is now live, giving you a glimpse into what is possible with LoRaWAN sensor types and the things that can be done with them.

At Alliot we strive to bring you the very best in IoT LoRaWAN sensors to give you the options to build you perfect solution. All of our team members  have expert knowledge on all our stocked devices through advanced and rigorous testing. With Alliot you can rest assured know that your devices will work with whatever it is you have planned.Our team are available to answer any query you may have about these devices as well as suggest the best products for your project.

Video Transcript – LoRaWAN Sensor Types

LoRaWAN Sensors and what can be done with them

LoRaWAN sensors come in many shapes, sizes and functionality.

Whether you’re looking to monitor air quality, vibration, energy, water flow, soil moisture or even track your assets and livestock. Alliot has the LoRaWAN sensor for you.

The possibilities LoRaWAN sensors present is virtually endless. Using LoRaWAN, sensors can be configured to send recorded data at specific intervals to your LoRaWAN network. Enabling you to monitor and analyse your environment to better improve your efficiencies and productivity.

So what are some of the things you can do with LoRaWAN sensors?

How about tracking the many assets in your warehouse? Such as a forklift, that Dave has left at the back of the warehouse again or maybe?

Amara accidentally left the heating on over the weekend and its costing the company money?

Or how about so Farmer Ted knows when his crops need more water or even more fertilizer.

Maybe even the local council who would like to monitor traffic through the city centre.

LoRaWAN sensors are able to monitor all of these and more, providing you with informative data which you can act on.

Sitting on their own network, LoRaWAN sensors can be quickly installed with little disruption your existing infrastructure – saving you time and money. We can even provision them for you so they’re ready to install straight out of the box!

LoRaWAN sensors have many uses and can help solve all kinds of challenges you might face day to day within your business. Contact our expert team today to find out more about our range of LoRaWAN sensors and beginning your IoT journey.

I hope you found this video informative, please like and subscribe to our channel to stay up to date with all our future videos.


Alliot Become Kerlink Gold Partner

Alliot become Kerlink Gold Partner

We’re delighted to have been awarded the Gold Partner Status by Kerlink. Find out more about our recent accreditation in this short blog.

Who are Kerlink?

Based in France, Kerlink is a fast-growing, global brand. Their main focus is around gateways and their industry-leading Wanesy network server. Kerlink’s offering supports the design, launch and operation of many IoT solutions. As founding and board members of the LoRa Alliance, they are leaders in their field.

Operating a tiered partner system, Kerlink base their partner statuses on company performance.

Growth for Alliot & Kerlink

Alliot first became a Kerlink partner in October 2019. Since then our sales and business has gone from strength to strength, helping us to achieve the Kerlink gold partner status!

Despite the challenges we’ve all faced over the past 12 months, we’ve been lucky to have worked with many of our partners to deliver some really innovative projects. Kerlink’s products play a pivotal role in our offering, helping to bring solutions to life. With LoRaWAN gateways for indoor and outdoor use, the Wanesy management centre and the Wanesy Wave tracking solution, Kerlink are an important asset to any IoT set up.

We look forward to further developing our relationship throughout 2021 and growing Kerlink business throughout the UK and Europe.

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