Water Flow Control Valve


Remotely control water flow through with Aqua-Scope Technologies’ clip-on water flow control valve.

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Remotely control water flow through with Aqua-Scope Technologies’ clip-on water flow control valve. Designed to retrofit existing ball valves, the Aqua-Scope Ball Valve Servo offers an easy to install LoRaWAN® device without the need to change any pipework. Simply snap on to your pipes and away you go – you have your own smart water control system in just minutes.

With an adjustable clamp, this clip-on water flow control valve can be mounted on even the most complex pipe installations.

Ideal for remotely detecting the flow of water, the clip-on water flow control valve can be used to identify water leaks and frozen pipes. Detected activity is transmitted to your chosen dashboard via a LoRaWAN® gateway and network server to alert you to recorded data. The clip-on water flow control valve then enables you to remotely shut off water flow to avoid costly damages that may occur from undetected leaks.

The Aqua-Scope Ball Valve Servo is IP67 rated meaning it is suitable for use both outdoors and in applications where the device may be submerged in water.

See how simple installation of the Ball Valve Servo really is in Aqua-Scope Technologies’ short video.


  • Simple to install, clip-on device
  • Adjustable to suit different pipe spans and diameters
  • IP67 rated for outdoor and under water use
  • Utilises LoRaWAN® technology
  • LoRaWAN Class B or Class C
  • Integrated water detection probe
  • Smart adaptive torque control
  • Suitable for pipe valves measuring 1/2 inch – 1 1/4 inch


Power Supply 12V / 1 A external power supply (included)
Max Driving Force 6 Nm
Valve Control Fill open/close, any position in between down to 1% stepping
Inter Clamp Clearance 64mm – 140mm
IP Rating IP67
Frequency 868 – 869 MHz
Weight 800g
Operating Temperature -30°C – 80°C

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Dimensions 236 × 179 × 114 mm
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IP67 Rated






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