BrighterBins Ultrasonic NB-IoT Liquid Waste Bin Sensor


BrighterBins Ultrasonic NB-IoT waste bin sensor is ideal for remotely monitoring fluid or liquid waste levels and is designed to optimise your waste collections.

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Optimise your waste collections with the Ultrasonic NB-IoT waste bin sensor from BrighterBins. Ideal for remotely monitoring levels of fluid or liquid waste, this sensor uses ultrasound to monitor fluid levels based on the highest point measured.

Simple to install and connect, this smart device uses NB-IoT technology to transmit recorded data. Simply insert a cellular IoT SIM card and away you go!

With flexible mounting options, this NB-IoT waste bin sensor can be adapted to suit most bin types.

The BrighterBins NB-IoT waste bin sensor can help you to:

Additional information

Dimensions 130 × 70 × 53 mm



Environmental Protection

IP67 Rated

Measurements Taken

Power Source




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