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The Eastron SDM230 LoRaWAN® electric meter offers an entry level single-phase energy monitoring solution.

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The Eastron SDM230 LoRaWAN® electric meter offers an entry level single-phase energy monitoring solution. This easy to install device can be DIN rail mounted for a fast set up.

With a built-in LoRaWAN® module, this smart device measures and displays the output of single phase two wire (1p2w) supplies.

Providing bi-directional measurements for kW and kWh, this LoRaWAN® electric meter can also measure parameters such as: kVArh, PF, Frequency, Voltage, Current, dmd, THD etc.

Eastron’s SDM230 LoRaWAN® electric meter is ideal for a variety of applications including; Smart buildings, utilities, manufacturing and councils. The information recorded by the smart meter is transmitted by a LoRaWAN® gateway via a network server. The data can then be visualised by your chosen dashboard enabling you to:

  • Monitor energy use
  • Identify areas for savings
  • Create reliable records which reflect actual usage

With an integrated backlit display, information can also be easily accessed on the device itself.


  • Built-in LoRaWAN® communication
  • MID certified
  • High accuracy, Class 1 / Class 0.5s
  • Provides measurements for a number of parameters
  • Configurable pulsed output
  • Confirmation/Offline detection available
  • Supports auto-upload mode for actively uploading data to back server
  • Supports auto-resume mode for sudden loss of power
  • Configurable download/upload times
  • DIN rail mountable
  • Ideal for measuring energy consumption



Nominal Voltage 120V or 230V AC
Operational Voltage 80% ~ 120% of Un
Pulse output 1 1000imp/kWh (configurable)
Pulse output 2 1000imp/kWh
Max Reading 99999.99kWh


Voltage, Current 0.5%
Frequency 0.2% of mid-frequency
Power Factor 1% of unity (0.01)
Active Power, Apparent Power +/- 1% of range maximum
Reactive Power +/- 1% of range maximum
Reactive energy (VArh) Class 2
Active energy (Wh) Class 1


Operating temperature < 90%
Humidity < 95%
Operating Temperature -25°C ~ 55°C
Storage Temperature -40°C ~ 70°C
Standard Compliant IEC62053-21/EN50470-1/3

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Dimensions 100 × 36 × 63 mm



Environmental Protection

IP51 Rated

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