Differential Pressure Sensor


Measure Differential Pressure with the LoRaWAN enLink Status DP. Providing an industry leading accuracy of 0.1%, the enLink Status DP can measure ranges between 25Pa and 5000Pa.

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Measure Differential Pressure with the LoRaWAN® enLink Status DP. Providing an industry leading accuracy of 0.1%, the enLink Status DP can measure ranges between 25Pa and 5000Pa. Using a unique Multi-Range digital sensor which can be selected automatically or remotely, a single unit can cover the full pressure requirements of HVAC and other applications including:

  • Variable Air Volume (VAV) filter monitoring
  • Room or building pressure monitoring
  • Hospital room pressure monitoring
  • Cleanroom pressure monitoring
  • Data centre monitoring
  • Duct pressure monitoring
  • Greenhouse pressure monitoring
  • Fume hood monitoring

Available as a battery powered unit this sensor is easily deployed making the enLink Status DP Sensor a simple solution to monitor occupant comfort and building efficiency.

Devices created to control the indoor environment such as air intakes, exhaust fans, relief dampers etc all affect inside building pressure. These mechanical systems create either positive or negative pressure in buildings.

Positive pressure keeps hot outside air from penetrating into the building during the summer. Negative pressure during the winter allows outside air into the building to maintain humidity. Control of air pressure inside buildings is key to maintaining a comfortable environment for its occupants.

The enLink Status-DP can be used for commercial properties to monitor differential pressure and transmit the data using LoRa wireless long range protocol. Talk to our technical sales team to discover the best LoRaWAN Air Quality solution for your specific project.


  • Range: 25Pa to 5000Pa ( 0.1” to 10” H2O)
  • Long term stability ±0.1% FSS
  • Exceptional Zero Stability
  • Selectable bandwidth filter
  • Accuracy: 0.1% per range
  • Integrated 50/60Hz filter
  • LED Signal strength & battery level indicator
  • Full configuration and monitoring via USB
  • Available with IP67 (NEMA 4X, 13) seal
  • LoRaWAN® Class A compatible

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