Milesight VS121 AI Workplace Sensor


The Milesight VS121 is an AI powered workplace sensor featuring LoRaWAN® technology.

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Better understand your workplace environment with the Milesight VS121 AI workplace sensor.

Powered by AI technology, the VS121 features LoRaWAN® technology to use anonymous people counting data to help you better understand and utilise your workspace. With a recognition rate of up to 95% and the ability to sense from up to 78m2, one sensor can provide a wide coverage area and can be easily installed by ceiling mount.

Recorded data is transmitted over a LoRaWAN® network, helping to secure any privacy concerns. Based on the standard LoRaWAN® protocol, the VS121 connects to a LoRaWAN® gateway and can then be visualised by your preferred dashboard of through Milesight’s IoT Cloud.

Ideal for applications such as shops, offices and exhibition centres, the Milesight VS121 is the ideal sensor to optimise your space and optimise things like product placement.

⚠ LoRaWAN® counters are not intended for real time notification, recorded data will be periodically transmitted based on your chosen configuration. Sensor accuracy will rely on network resiliency and device manufacturer.


  • Up to 95% recognition rate based on advanced AI identification and analysis technology with a wide detection range
  • Supports detection in up to 12 mapped regions
  • Privacy Protection – No image data is collected
  • Equipped with WiFi for web GUI configuration
  • Ideal for determining the number of people in specific areas, flow detection in shops and occupancy detection in offices



Power Supply 5V / 1.5A by Type-C Port


Wireless Technology LoRaWAN®
Available Frequency EU868 (others are available on request)


Dimensions 85 x 85 x 20 mm
Field of View 190° horizontal, 112° Vertical
Operating temperature -5°C ~ 55°C
Humidity 0 to 95% RH (non-condensing)

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Dimensions 85 × 85 × 20 mm



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