Managed IoT Data SIM Cards

Alliot’s range of IoT/M2M data SIMs are designed for devices which require rugged and long-lasting mobile data connections. 


Alliot’s range of IoT/M2M data SIMs are designed for devices which require rugged and long-lasting mobile data connections.

One of the key benefits of LoRaWAN® technology is the low-data usage. Sensor devices transmit data to gateways. The gateways are then connected to a wider network via the internet. Some gateways can be connected to wifi, some use an ethernet backhaul. The other option (and great for remote locations) is using an IoT data SIM.

Our IoT Data SIM packages are designed for low data usage devices and are supplied with a standard tariff which includes 500MB of data per month on a rolling monthly contract. Providing coverage for multiple networks, Alliot’s IoT Multi-Network SIMs cover most European countries. Other tariffs are available.

Designed for use with LoRaWAN® gateways, IoT SIMs offer the best coverage by utilising multi-network roaming. To ensure optimal support the SIM will connect to seven different networks in the UK and at least three networks in most European countries.


  • Fixed monthly data allowances, standard package is 500MB which will be suitable for most LoRaWAN® gateways on private networks for medium usage. Other allowances are available from 10MB to 250GB
  • Monthly rolling contract means no commitment or tie-in
  • Rugged SIM designed for IoT & M2M applications
  • Monitoring and management – Our SIMs can be managed and monitored using a cloud-based portal
  • Multi-network roaming: Rather than being fixed to a single network, our SIMs will automatically roam to ensure the greatest coverage
  • Email alerts at 50%, 75%, 90% & 100% data levels by default. Our SIMs will disconnect over 100% usage to avoid additional charges
  • Bolt-on packages available to cover usage over allowance to ensure your IoT device keeps working

We can supply LoRaWAN® gateways with our SIMs pre-installed and configured.

All of our products are available to customers throughout Europe. For more information on shipping costs, currency conversions and SIM compatibility in your area, please contact our technical sales team.

Our technical sales team are also happy to advise customers on the best IoT Data SIMs to suit specific project requirements.

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