Milesight DeviceHub

The Milesight DeviceHub provides a high-efficency, low maintenance solution to easily deploy Milesight IoT devices across multiple locations, reducing complexity and increasing productivity.


Simplify your IoT solutions with the Milesight DeviceHub. Designed for large-scale deployments, the Milesight DeviceHub provides a user friendly interface for the remote configuration and ongoing maintenance of your IoT devices.

With the Milesight DeviceHub users can ensure the smooth operation of their solutions by performing tasks such as:

  • Remotely monitoring the status of connected devices
  • Access automated reports for connected devices to show failed connections, pending and failed tasks, SMS received etc.

Available in a hosted or on-premise version, get in touch today to discuss how the Milesight DeviceHub can help you to reduce costs and increase overall user satisfaction.

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Alliot are proud to partner with Milesight, discover more about the LoRaWAN® sensor range and IoT Cloud today.

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