Milesight DS3604 E-Ink Display


Go paperless with the Milesight DS3604 E-Ink display. A smart 4.2″ display ideal for use in office, hospotals, warehouses and more!

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The Milesight DS3604 IoT E-Ink Display offers an electronic paper display, engineered to redefine your visual experience, combining stunning clarity, unrivaled efficiency, and unparalleled versatility, all in one sleek package.

Crystal-Clear Clarity:
With the DS3604, say goodbye to pixelated images and hello to pristine visual perfection. Its 6-inch e-ink screen boasts a resolution of 1448 x 1072 pixels, delivering razor-sharp text and images that rival the printed page. Ideal for use outside meeting rooms and office areas, this E-ink screen is a simple, efficient way to display important information such as when a room is in use.

Embrace the future of energy efficiency with the Milesight DS3604. Unlike traditional LCD or LED displays, e-ink technology consumes power only when the screen refreshes, resulting in an ultra-low power consumption. This means longer battery life for your devices and contributes to a greener, eco-friendly environment.

Elevated Versatility:
The DS3604 is designed with versatility in mind, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. From e-readers, smart labels, and electronic shelf tags to industrial displays and IoT devices, this device excels in any setting. Its outstanding sunlight readability ensures crystal-clear visuals, even in the brightest outdoor conditions, making it a perfect choice for portable devices meant for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Seamless Integration:
Integrating the DS3604 into your existing or upcoming projects is a breeze. The display comes with developer-friendly APIs and documentation, ready to be configured for your own individual use. Its lightweight and slim form factor ensures a discreet installation in any environment.


  • Ideal for a wide range of applications including; Smart offices, hospitals and warehouses
  • Flexible, shatterproof 4.2″ Screen
  • Bi-stable EPD (E-Ink Display) with black, white and red colours
  • 400 x 300 pixel display with near 180° viewing angle

Ask us about our zero-touch provisioning service, this sensor can be supplied pre-configured and ready to go.



Power Supply 3 x 590mAh CR2450 Lithium Batteries

Physical Characteristics:

Dimensions 99 x 87 x 10.5 mm (3.90 x 3.43 x 0.41 inches)
Resolution 400 x 300 Pixels
DPI 119
Viewing Angle 180°
Refresh Rate 16s (10 – 40°C)
Supported Display Character Latin alphabet, English alphabet, Cyrillic alphabet, Greek alphabet, Chinese characters, Japanese characters and Hangul
Supported Display Languages Supports up to 150 languages including English, Chinese, (simplified & traditional), Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese etc. (Excludes Hebrew, Arabic & Thai)

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Dimensions 99 × 87 × 10 mm



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