Milesight VS133 People Counting Sensor


The Milesight VS133 sensor uses second-generation ToF technology to accurately
count people.

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The Milesight VS133 People Counting sensor uses second-generation ToF technology to provide reliable data on foot traffic, allowing businesses to understand visitor trends, peak hours, and customer behaviour. This data empowers better decision-making for operations, staffing, and marketing strategies. Helping you to make more informed decisions to optimise your business efficiencies.

Equipped with an embedded AI algorithm, the VS133 is able to filter unnecessary counts and decipher between adults, children and staff. It captures in-depth information to distinguish individuals accurately, even in crowded or challenging lighting conditions. With an in-built bi-directional sensor, the Milesight VS133 is able to count people in and out of a specified area enabling you to build up a picture of visitor time. This data is then easily visualised through an advanced heat map which visually represents the distribution and intensity of foot traffic.

Available in two different variants based on your connectivity preferences. The VS133 does not support PoE connections, whereas the VS133-P does.

If you are in the retail industry the Milesight VS133 People Counter is ideal for you. It can monitor your customer traffic and produce a data set giving you an accurate depiction of the peak times and days meaning you can ensure you are not understaffed. It can even inform you of customer movement inside your store, giving you feedback on which areas of your store get the most traffic. This means that you can be more strategic with your product placement and staffing times. Increasing your sales and customer service levels.

Outside of retail it can find use in many other areas such as:

  • Education institutes
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Fitness centres
  • Office buildings
  • Event venues
  • Libraries
  • Transportation hubs
  • Museums

The Milesight VS133 People Counter is also built with high-quality materials and designed for reliability, it operates consistently without interruptions, offering a long lifespan and low maintenance requirements. With the option to connect up to 4 devices, the sensor coverage can be easily extended to cover your area.

This smart device transmits recorded data to a connected LoRaWAN® gateway. The data is then sent to the smartphone app and/or your chosen third-party platform for visualisation by a LoRaWAN® network server.


  • Up to 99.8% accuracy combining the 2nd generation ToF technology and AI algorithm
  • Enables you to collect people counting data by differentiating between children and adults and detecting staff via identification features for clearer people analysis
  • Smart U-turn detection to filter redundant counting of people wandering in the area
  • Supports queue management via dwell time detection and regional people counting
  • Supports Group Counting function based on the distance, moving direction, and speed difference to gain deeper insights into customers’ behaviours
  • Wide field angle enables you to obtain long distance depth maps and cover larger areas
  • Automatically detect the optimal installation height, facilitating fast deployment and intelligent detection
  • Supports video validation function to help customers verify statistical accuracy
  • Easy configuration via Wi-Fi for web GUI configuration
  • Functions with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers
  • Quick and easy management with Milesight IoT Cloud


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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 180 × 26 × 72 mm


Black, White


Milesight VS133 – White, Milesight VS133-P – White, Milesight VS133 – Black, Milesight VS133-P – Black

Environmental Protection

IP40 Rated

Measurements Taken

Power Source

Ethernet (PoE), External Power Supply



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