Conduit Modular LoRaWAN Gateway


MultiTech‘s Conduit® modular LoRaWAN gateways offer a configurable device ideal for industrial IoT applications.

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MultiTech‘s Conduit® modular LoRaWAN® gateways offer a configurable device ideal for industrial IoT applications.

Featuring WiFi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BT, BLE) and GNSS these modular LoRaWAN® gateways have two accessory card slots for the connection of MultiTech’s mCards. Through the connection of mCards, users are able to connect a wide range of assets to the gateway via their preferred wired or wireless interface.

Thanks to MultiTech’s DeviceHQ® platform, users are able to remotely configure and manage their gateways. For additional customisation, users are able to select from either an Ethernet or 4G, LTE backhaul.

Acting as an edge-computing device , the MultiTech modular LoRaWAN® gateway range delivers programmability, network flexibility, enhanced security and scalability for your IoT solutions.


  • Modular indoor gateway
  • LoRaWAN® compliant
  • WiFi communication supporting 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4 GHz and 5GHz with WPA2 personal transmission security
  • BT Classic and BLE 4.1 communication supports local connectivity with automatic pairing with target devices utilising 128 bit link key length security
  • GNSS module for LoRaWAN® packet time stampting and geo-location capability
  • Ethernet RJ-45 and optional 4G-LTE backhaul
  • Fully compatible with MultiTech’s DeviceHQ® platform


Input power 9V DC 1.7A input provided to 100 – 240V AC 50/60 Hz external adaptor or fused DC power cable
Operating Temperature Range -30°C +70°C
Humidity Range 20% to 90% RH, non-condensing
Dimensions 161.3 mm x 107.4 mm x 42.8 mm
Weight 0.45 kg (with two accessory cards installed)
Backhaul connectivity Ethernet (RJ45) 10/100 BaseT for IP backhaul
Optional 4G-LTE or 3G HSPA+ IP backhaul
Supported LoRaWAN® regional parameters EU868 (Others available on request)
Antenna Available antennas include: Cellular, GPS, LoRa: female SMA / LoRa: reverse polarity female SMA

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Dimensions 161.3 × 107.4 × 42.8 mm



Power Source





MultiTech Conduit® Ethernet Indoor Gateway, MultiTech Conduit® Ethernet Indoor Gateway with Wi-Fi Backhaul, MultiTech Conduit® LTE Indoor LoRa Gateway, MultiTech Conduit® LTE Indoor LoRa Gateway with Wi-Fi Backhaul

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