Netvox R718NL315 Light Sensor with 3-Phase Current Meter


The Netvox R718NL315 Wireless Light Sensor and 3-Phase Current Meter with 3x150A Clamp-On CT is used to detect three-phase electrical input current and ambient light intensity detection.

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Introducing the Netvox R718NL315 combines a wireless light sensor with a 3-phase current meter. Delivering the ultimate solution for precision monitoring and control of lighting systems in industrial and commercial environments.

With the Netvox R718NL315, you can effortlessly optimise your lighting system’s energy consumption and enhance operational efficiency. The integrated light sensor accurately measures ambient light levels, allowing you to automate the adjustment of lighting intensity based on the environment. This intelligent feature not only saves energy but also creates a comfortable and productive working environment for employees.

Moreover, the 3-phase current meter function of the R718NL315 empowers you with visibility into the electrical current flowing through your lighting system. By monitoring the power usage and fluctuations, you gain valuable insights into energy consumption patterns, enabling you to identify potential inefficiencies and take proactive measures to optimise energy usage and reduce costs.

The Netvox R718NL315 is a LoRaWAN® device, designed to be versatile and user-friendly. It’s a compact device which is easy to install, and requires minimal maintenance, making it an ideal choice for both retrofitting and new installations.

Furthermore, the R718NL315 offers a comprehensive array of features to enhance its functionality. It supports long-range communication, allowing you to monitor and manage lighting systems across large facilities with ease. The device is equipped with a robust and reliable power supply, ensuring continuous operation even in challenging environments. Additionally, it boasts excellent battery life, guaranteeing uninterrupted monitoring and control over extended periods.

The Netvox R718NL315 comes with a user-friendly web interface, enabling you to configure settings, monitor data, and generate insightful reports effortlessly. You can set up customised alerts and notifications based on your predefined thresholds, ensuring you stay informed about critical events and deviations from optimal performance.

Whether you are a Facility Manager, Lighting Consultant, or energy-conscious individual, the Netvox R718NL315 Light Sensor with 3-Phase Current Meter is an indispensable tool for achieving energy efficiency and cost savings in your lighting infrastructure. Experience the future of lighting management today and unlock the full potential of your lighting system with the Netvox R718NL315.


  • Adopts SX1276 wireless communication module
  • Requires 2 x ER14505 batteries
  • Protection level: Main body IP53; Clamp-On CT IP30
  • The base is attached with a magnet that can be attached to a ferromagnetic material object
  • The clamp-on CT allows easier installation to the device you would like to detect the current from
  • LoRaWAN™ Class A compatible
  • Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
  • Configuration parameters can be configured through a third-party software platform
  • Applicable to third-party platforms: Actility / ThingPark, TTN, MyDevices / Cayenne

Battery Life:
Please refer to Netvox’s battery life calculator to calculate battery life across various models and configurations.


Input Power Requires 2 x ER14505 batteries
Stand-by Current 32uA
Wake-up Current 7mA
Battery Measurement Accuracy ±0.1V
Current Measurement Error Value <± 1%
Current Resolution 1mA
Current Measuremeny Accuracy 1A to 150A (varies according to the configuration of the current transformer)
Illuminance Range 0.01 LUX – 157 LUX
Illuminance Accuracy ± 20%: Under sunlight
± 10%: Under stable and controlled light source conditions, such as white LED lamp, 6500K, room tempterature
Protection Rating Main Body: IP53
Clamp-On CT: IP30

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Weight 141 g
Dimensions 112 × 88 × 32 mm



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