Water pH Measurement Sensor


Remotely collect water pH levels with Netvox‘s RA0708 LoRaWAN® pH measurement sensor.

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Remotely collect water pH levels with Netvox‘s RA0708 LoRaWAN® pH measurement sensor. Ideal for areas where water quality is of utmost importance, the Netvox RA0708 is ideal for:

  • Monitoring the effects of pollution in water sources
  • Maintaining regular records in public areas
  • Assessing suitability for aquatic life and/or for Livestock to drink from

The pH measurement sensor uses LoRaWAN® technology and the SX1276 wireless communication module to record and transmit data over a range of up to 10km. Recorded data is transmitted by a LoRaWAN® gateway and network server to your chosen platform. Users can then view and interpret the recorded information via the dashboard.

Users can also configure this sensor to raise SMS or email alerts to notify them of data recorded outside of their set parameters.


  • Monitor the pH level of water
  • LoRaWAN® certified
  • Wireless range of up to 10km (depending on environment)
  • Encrypt-RF™ security
  • Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)



Input Power DC +12V
Operating Current 1 40mA (No RF signal transmission)
Operating Current 2 80mA (with RF signal emission)

pH Sensor:

Operating Temperature Range 0 – 65°C
Range 0 – 14 pH
Accuracy ±0.01 pH
Working Pressure <0.2 MPa
Temperature Compensation Automatic Temperature Compensation
Signal Output RS485
Wet Material PPR
Mounting Method 3/4″ NPT Thread, Immersion Mount
Cable Length 5m
Calibration Method 2-point calibration
Power Consumption <0.5W
Protection Class IP68


TX Power 19dBm±1dBm
Rx Sensitivity -136dBm (LoRa, Spreading Factor=12, Bit Rate=293bps)
-121dBm (FSK, Frequency deviation=5kHz, Bit Rate=1.2kbps)
Antenna Type Built in antenna
Communication Range Up to 10km (actual transmission distance depends on the environment)
Data Transfer Rate 0.3kbps~50kbps
Spread Technique LoRa/FSK
Available Frequency EU863-870 (others are available on request)


Dimensions Diameter: 111mm x 86mm x 41mm
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 55°C
Environment Humidity Range <90% RH (No condensation)
Storage Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
IP Rating IP 20 (Main body)

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Dimensions 111 × 86 × 41 mm



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IP68 Rated

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