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Monitor the availabilty of parking spaces with the LoRaWAN parking sensor from Nwave.

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Monitor the availability of parking spaces with the LoRaWAN® parking sensor from Nwave. Designed to enable you to streamline vehicle detection and fully utilise spaces. The Nwave parking sensor enables you to create a highly flexible hybrid parking solution which is simple to install and offers a fast return on your investment.

Supplied with an optional API integration Nwave’s LoRaWAN® parking sensor is compatible with the following mobile apps:

Smart parking offers a range of benefits to Smart Towns and Cities. Whether you’re looking to assist visitors in finding parking spaces quickly, detecting vehicles which have overstayed or to aid a reduction in air pollution. The Nwave LoRaWAN® parking sensor is available in a surface or flush mount variant.

With a long battery life of up to 10 years, and a range of up to 3 km, deployed LoRaWAN® parking sensors transmit recorded data via a connected LoRaWAN® gateway. This data can then be visualised through Nwave’s own software suite or through your own choice of third-party software via Nwave’s API.

Please note; Nwave’s cloud service is charged per sensor on a subscription basis.

Find out how Harrogate Borough Council and North Yorkshire County Council teamed up to create a Smart Paking solution with Nwave:


  • Smart parking solution with 99% accuracy
  • Scalable solution – the Nwave parking solution has no limitations to the number of parking spots it can support
  • Low power consumption – up to 10 years battery life with 20 parking sessions per day
  • Quick installation
  • Supports the integration of third-party apps to enable mobile payment, detailed analytics etc.
  • Firmware updates over Bluetooth
  • Vehicle Detection accuracy and speed – 99.9% under 7 seconds detection time
  • Seamless operation under snow

The parking lot sensor detects and reports parking space occupancy, therefore enabling proactive parking lot management features, such as search, navigation and reservation.


Surface Mount Variant:

Installation Method Adhesive or screw anchors
Size Height: 20 mm
Diameter: 205 mm
Load Resistance < 5,000 kg per wheel
IP Rating IP68 Rated

Flush Mount Variant:

Installation Method Adhesive or cement affixing into pre-drilled hole
Size Height: 20 mm
Diameter: 156 mm
Load Resistance < 5,000 kg per wheel
IP Rating IP68 Rated

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Our technical sales team are also happy to advise customers on the best LoRaWAN® parking sensors to suit specific project requirements.

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Additional information

Dimensions 205 × 205 × 20 mm



Environmental Protection

IP68 Rated

Measurements Taken


Power Source

10m800mAh, Li-SOCI2 pprimary cell, replaceable




Surface Mount with API, Surface Mount without API, Flush Mount with API, Flush Mount without API, Nwave Cloud Services Subscription

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