Milesight Outdoor LoRaWAN Controller


Discover a feature-rich sensor hub for connecting LoRaWAN® sensors with the UC50x series from Milesight.

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The Milesight UC50x series offers a LoRaWAN® controller used for data acquisition from various sensors and equipment. It supports the connection of various interfaces including: analogue input, digital input, digital output, serial port etc. to simplify the deployment and replacement of LoRaWAN® networks with existing equipment.

This LoRaWAn® controller is easy to connect with multiple wired sensors through GPI0/AI/RS131/RS485 interfaces.

For outdoor applications, the UC501 comes complete with a rechargeable 5100 mAh battery with solar panel. The UC502 variant features a built-in battery.

The UC50x series can be easily and quickly configured by NFC or wired USB port, making installation a simple process. Going forward, the controller can then be remotely accessed and managed through Milesight’s IoT Cloud solution.


  • Easy to connect with multiple wired sensors through GP10/AI/RS232/RS485 interfaces
  • Wireless range of up to 10km (depending on environment)
  • Solar powered and built-in battery option
  • Quick wireless configurtion via NFC
  • Suitable for Wall or Pole Mounting


Dimensions 116 x 116 x 45.5mm
Operating temperature -20°C to 60°C
Wireless Technology LoRaWAN®

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Dimensions 116 × 116 × 45.5 mm



Environmental Protection

IP67 Rated

Power Source

Battery, Solar Powered




UC501, UC502


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