nke WATTECO SmartPilot Wire Remote Controller


Remotely control heaters, lighting and HVAC systems with the nke WATTECO SmartPilot Wire.

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The nke WATTECO SMARTPILOT WIRE is a Class C LoRaWAN® actuator that monitors and controls up to 6 operating modes for any electric heater as well as any active load (ON/OFF) driven by a relay.


    • LoRaWAN® Class C Compliant
    • Easy to use & deploy
    • Active load monitoring & control
    • Data compression for batch status report
    • Class C protection
    • REC & RoHS Compliant


Electric Heater Application
Comfort Track the temperature set point of the heater
Eco Temperature set and track 4°C below the temperature set point of the heater
AntiFreeze Maintain room temperature at 5°C
Stop No heating
Comfort -1°C Temperature set and track 1°C below the temperature set point of the heater
Comfort -2°C Temperature set and track 2°C below the temperature set point of the heater

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Dimensions 76 × 41 × 17 mm



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