Stacuity IoT Device Management SIM


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Any gateway, anytime, anywhere. Discover the flexibility of Stacuity’s IoT Device Management SIM. Enjoy the connectivity of a fully featured roaming SIM with the remote device management.

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Discover a new way to connect and manage your IoT solutions with Stacuity’s IoT Device Management SIM. Designed to enable you to remotely manage devices anytime, anywhere Stacuity’s IoT device management SIM is the perfect solution for those looking to implement zero-touch LoRaWAN® solutions.

Enjoy real-time management of mobile connectivity with this unique SIM card. Not only does it provide a fully featured roaming SIM to provide connectivity to your gateways; it also enables you to remotely manage connected devices through an intuitive SIM management portal. Whether you’re a Project Manager looking to manage solutions across multiple sites or a Systems Integrator keen to enhance your services, Stacuity make it simple.

How Does Stacuity Work?

Designed to work with any gateway, simply insert a Stacuity SIM card to your preferred cellular-enabled LoRaWAN® gateway. Once inserted, your gateway will connect to the cellular network enabling you to remotely access data from any associated device.

Through the Stacuity portal, you can view the GUI of any device which is connected to the gateway, enabling you to remotely support and/or manage your sensors from wherever you may be – saving you time and money.

With Stacuity’s intuitive IoT Device Management SIM you can minimise the need for site visits, optimise the user experience and minimise the risk of potential data loss by remotely troubleshooting and fixing any potential technical issues that may occur.

Available on a 1GB monthly data plan, Stacuity’s IoT device management SIM is offered on a 2 year contract and can be billed on a monthly subscription or annual basis.

Let us simplify your IoT solutions; we offer a range of provisioning and device set up services. Get in touch today to discover how we can help to simplify your projects with our expert consultancy and Technical Support Services.


  • Fully agnostic service, supports the connection of any cellular enabled LoRaWAN® gateway.
  • Supplied with a 1GB monthly data allowance (most gateways operate on 500Mb packages). Larger data packages are available on request.
  • SIM provides connectivity and management via Stacuity’s portal.
  • Create virtual private networks for individual SIMs or groups of SIMS.
  • Control endpoint configuration in the network
  • Trace and troubleshoot connectivity issues in real-time.

For more information on how to best manage your IoT data – get in touch with our technical team. Our experts can walk you through the differences between the network servers that we offer, and help you get your project off the ground!

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