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Strega‘s wireless time-controlled emitter offers a smart irrigation solution without any additional cabling.

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Strega‘s wireless time-controlled emitter offers a smart irrigation solution without any additional cabling. This smart emitter uses LoRaWAN® technology to enable you to remotely control irrigation systems. Ideal for smart golf courses, smart landscaping and smart agriculture, the emitter has embedded time controlled features to automate sprinklers.

With an ultra-low power consumption, the Strega wireless emitter provides up to 7 years battery life. Simply connect the transceiver directly to the DC latching solenoid on your existing valves for a truly smart irrigation solution.

Featuring an integrated tamper sensor, the smart emitter alerts users to any potential misuse. Compatible with all leading IoT platforms the smart emitter can be simply integrated with existing LoRaWAN® IoT solutions for the remote open/close valve operation.

Please note: This product only includes the control box, irrigation valves will need to be purchased separately.

Discover how the Strega Smart Emitter can be used within our Smart Golf Management Use Case.


  • Long range wireless, LoRaWAN® compliant
  • Ultra-low consumption (7+ years autonomy)
  • Fraud resistant with integrated tamper sensor
  • Suitable for outdoor and underground use
  • Time controlled automatic operations
  • IoT ready (compliant with all Internet of Things platforms)
  • Exceptional signal penetration through obstacles
  • Time controlled watering schedulers
  • Industrial grade (IP67 rated)
  • Easy set up and installation
  • License free EU868
  • Compatible valve brands include:
    • TORO
    • Hunter
    • RainBird
    • Bermad
    • Signature
    • Imitrol
    • K-Rain


Input Power One or two (replaceable) lithium batteries type D 3.0 VDC or 3.6 VDC
Working Temperature -20°C to +70°C / -4°F to +160°F
IP Protection IP67
Range 15+km/10mi. in line of sight
2+km/1.5mi. in urban environments
Maximum Output Power 14dBm
Solenoid Connection Via sealing gland
Antenna +2.1dB gain – embedded

Light and Full Version Comparison

Class A
Class C X
2 x Digital Inputs (dry contact) X
1 x Analog Input 0-10VDC X
1 x (wired) soil moisture detection X
Cable cut or faulty solenoid detection
Optical Tampering
Manual override by internal buttons
Open/Close by external magnet
External power supply 9-60VDC X
Onboard temperature sensor
Onboard hygrometry sensor

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