ThingPark Enterprise LoRa Network Server


The ThingPark Enterprise LoRa Network Server is a futureproof option, capable of growing alongside your business and solutions.

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Actility‘s ThingPark Enterprise LoRa Network Server solution is your gateway to a world of IoT possibilities. A comprehensive offering, designed to transform the way you connect, manage, and leverage your LoRaWAN® IoT devices.

ThingPark Enterprise harnesses the incredible capabilities of the LoRaWAN® network to enable seamless, long-range, low-power connectivity for your IoT devices. Whether you’re building a smart city infrastructure, optimising industrial processes, or creating innovative IoT applications, this LoRa Network Server ensures reliable and efficient communication.

This flexible, secure solution is applicable to any enterprise IoT use case. A vital component to any LoRaWAN® IoT solution, ThingPark Enterprise is a futureproof LoRa Network Server capable of growing alongside your business and solutions.

This easy to operate system can be easily deployed as SaaS or on-premise, offering you the flexibility to select the best option for your deployment(s). With ThingPark Enterprise, all components within your solution including sensors, gateways, and data routing can be remotely managed from one central easy-to-use interface.

An agnostic tool in your IoT solutions, this LoRa network server can be used alongside a wide range of LoRaWAN® gateways and devices, leaving it up to you to select the devices which add the most value to your projects.

Ordering Information

ThingPark licenses are charged for on an annual basis and consist if 2 components; a base license and device/gateway license. The base license is available in 2 variants, on customer premise (OCP) or SaaS.

OCP Licenses: These base licenses will be installed on your own in-house system.

SaaS Licenses: With this license option, the license will be hosted remotely on Actility’s servers.

You will then need to select the number of sensors or gateways you will be connecting to your LoRa Network Server.

Need to connect a higher number of devices/gateways? ThingPark is a flexible solution which can be extended to support an infinite number of connected devices. Our team are happy to advise you on the best option for your solutions, get in touch today to discuss your requirements.


  • Easily connect and configure sensors
  • Simple access to all ‘ThingPark certified’ devices
  • Can be deployed in multiple configurations: SaaS or on premise
  • Ready to integrate with major IoT cloud platforms (AWS, IBM, MFST)
  • Secure network capable of supporting up to 150,000 packets/second (up to 1.2 billion devices) and up to 10 million gateways per cluster
  • Access rights and user licence management
  • Integrated payload decodes REST APIs to expose all network management functionalities for third-party supervision dashboard integration

Interested in finding out more about the best lora network server for your solutions? Speak with one of our experts today. Wherever you’re at in your IoT journey, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Key Documents & Information

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Base License Type

On Customer Premise (OCP), SaaS (Cloud-Based)

Device Type (Per Gateway or Per Sensor)

1 Gateway, 2 Gateways, 3 Gateways, 4 Gateways, 5 Gateways, 1 – 100 Sensors, 101 – 200 Sensors, 201 – 300 Sensors, 301 – 400 Sensors, 401 – 500 Sensors

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