WATTECO Inclin’O Tilt Sensor


Ideal for monitoring electric, telecoms and CCTV poles, or the opening/closing of roof windos. The WATTECO INCLIN’O is capable of detecting tilt ranges between 0 and 180°D.

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The WATTECO INCLIN’O sensor measures the inclination of equipment compared to an original position (set at start-up). For example, the INCLIN’O will detect a change in position to warn about a falling pole or an open window via a LoRaWAN® network.


    • LoRaWAN® Compliant
    • Easy to install & use
    • Tilt range: 0 – 180° from vertical
    • Measurements recorded at regular intervals
    • Up to 8 years battery life
    • IP67 rated
    • RED & RoHS Compliant
    • Multiple mounting options including: screw, magnet, pole mounting or via an adhesive strip


Battery Up to 8 years
Tilt Measurement Range: 0 – 180°
Resolution: 1°
Accuracy: 2°

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Dimensions 100 × 75 × 25 mm



Environmental Protection

IP67 Rated

Measurements Taken

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