WATTECO Triphas’O Rogowski Energy Consumption Sensor


Access remote readings of power consumptions on three-phase and single-phase installations with the WATTECO Triphas’O Rogowski electric monitor sensor.

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The WATTECO TRIPHAS’O sensor allows the remote reading of the electrical energy consumption of a three-phase installation in a non-intrusive way via the LoRaWAN® network.

In a single-phase installation, it is used for submetering. The sensor is specially designed to meet the energy management needs of industrial and tertiary buildings, operating with medium and high energy consumption equipment.

Available in two different versions, the TRIPHAS’O models include:

  • TRIPHAS’O with current transformers (opening – non-intrusive) for low power, primary reference current: 0-60A or 0-400A
  • TRIPHAS’O with Rogowski loops* (opening non-intrusive) for high power, primary reference current from 0 to 4000A

*Rogowski loops available to purchase separately. SKU = 50-70-147


    • LoRaWAN® Class C Compliant
    • Easy to use & deploy
    • External RF antenna can be remote
    • Used to measure power usage and RMS voltage and current
    • RED & RoHS Compliant
    • Suitable for DIN rail mounting (Non-Rogowski version)


    Measurements Voltage / Current angle: Resolution 1°
    Active (Reactive) energy resolution 1W.h (1 Var.h); 1kW.h (1 kVar.h) for Rogowski Loop
    Active (Reactive) power resolution1W (1 Var) ; 1kW (1 kVar) for Rogowski Loop
    Average Power: Calculated on the interval 10 min (default) up to 60 mins, remotely configurable

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TRIPHAS'O 60A Sensor for DIN rail, TRIPHAS'O Sensor Rogowski Version

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