Energy Monitoring – LoRaWAN Single-Phase Proof of Concept Kit

Measure energy consumption in single-phase electrical systems with the Alliot LoRaWAN Energy Monitoring PoC Kit. Perfect for identifying:

  • Overall energy consumption
  • Energy efficiency of individual supplies
  • Abnormal usage

All sensors can be quickly and easily fitted without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

LoRaWAN Energy Monitoring PoC Kit contents:

  • 3 x Current meter (single-phase split-core CT) 75A (R718N17)
  • IoT Gateway with Ethernet/Cellular 3G/4G connectivity (Tektelic Kona Micro)
  • Batteries included
  • Sensor & Gateway provisioning
  • Server access for 3 months
  • Dashboard
  • Technical support

This kit will allow you to monitor energy consumption in real time. By analysing this data you’ll be able to identify specific areas for improvement. This will allow you to encourage cost-effective use of specific areas, sites and machinery.

The LoRaWAN Energy Monitoring PoC kit comes preconfigured by our technical team. You’ll be able to install the sensors and gateway in your preferred locations and start monitoring energy usage straight away.

This proof of concept kit is also available as a three-phase energy monitoring kit. We can also provide bespoke proof of concept kits using any of the LoRaWAN sensors that we have in stock.

RRP: £655.85+VAT & shipping costs

Contact us to place an order or to discuss your IoT projects.

Optional extras:

  • Server subscription
  • IoT SIM plans available

Technical documents