Energy Monitoring – LoRaWAN Three-Phase Proof of Concept Kit

Measure consumption in three-phase electrical systems to encourage cost-effective operation of machines and installations with the Alliot LoRaWAN POC Three-Phase Kit. Ideal for identifying:

  • Overall energy consumption
  • Energy efficiency of individual supplies
  • Abnormal usage

All devices can be quickly and easily retrofitted without the need for time consuming, obtrusive installations.

Kit contents:

  • 3 x Three-phase split-core CT 75A current meter sensors (R718N37)
  • IoT Gateway with Ethernet/Cellular 3G/4G connectivity (Tektelic Kona Micro)
  • Batteries included
  • Sensor & Gateway provisioning
  • Server access for 3 months
  • Dashboard
  • Technical support

RRP: £768.95+VAT & shipping costs

Contact us to place an order or to discuss your IoT projects.

Optional extras:

  • Server subscription
  • IoT SIM plans available

Technical documents