Energy Monitoring PoC Kit

LoRaWAN energy management systems monitor energy usage in real-time. Our Energy Monitoring PoC kit is the perfect way to test out the LoRaWAN technology on a small scale. These products are ready to plug-and-play straight from the box, for simple installation. Get started today and begin remotely monitoring your energy consumption and discover if this energy management system will work for you.

Our Energy Monitoring PoC kits allow you to measure:

energy lorawan sensors
  • Overall energy consumption
  • Energy efficiency of individual supplies
  • Abnormal usage (which may help you to identify a fault)

The Energy Monitoring PoC kit is compatible with either single-phase and three-phase networks. The sensors in this LoRaWAN starter pack can be retrofitted, with the small devices attaching to your cabling.

What’s in the box?

Energy monitoring PoC

All of our proof of concept kits are designed to be simple to use. Our technical team will configure your devices so you’re ready to get started quickly. Each LoRaWAN energy management kit comes with:

  • 3 x Current meter (single-phase or three-phase split-core CT) (R718N17 or R718N37)
  • IoT Gateway with Ethernet/Cellular 3G/4G connectivity (Tektelic Kona Micro)
  • Batteries included and fitted
  • Sensor & Gateway provisioning
  • Server access for 3 months
  • User-friendly dashboard interface
  • Technical support

Optional extras:

  • Server subscription
  • M2M SIM Cards

Our technical team will be on hand to support you throughout your 3 month proof of concept period. If you’re happy with your LoRaWAN energy monitoring system, you can then look at scaling it up! We can look at the range of different sensors that might provide relevant information to help you cut running costs and reduce maintenance across your business.

RRP: £768.95+VAT & shipping costs

Our products are available for dispatch across Europe. Speak to our team for trade pricing and lead times.

Technical Documents

Why Choose a LoRaWAN Energy Management System?

LoRaWAN technology has been around for a little while now. We think it’s perfect for internet of things (IoT) applications.

In a nutshell, LoRaWAN uses radio waves to transmit small packets of data across a wireless network. You need sensors to record the data and gateways to receive the data, before it’s sent on to the server. A detailed description of how it works can be found here, but everything you need to get started is in this kit!

The key benefits of using LoRaWAN technology for energy management are:

  • Long Range. LoRaWAN sensors can transmit information to gateways up to 10 km away. In an urban setting we’d expect this to be more like 3 km, but it depends on the environment.
  • Affordable. Data transfer between sensor and gateway uses radio waves, so this is essentially free. The devices themselves are competitively priced and offer a wide range of functionality.
  • Low Power. Our sensors are battery powered, but you can expect ultra-long battery life. There are a number of ways we can maximise battery life. This means low maintenance too!
  • Secure. The data sent across your LoRaWAN network is encrypted and secure. Most LoRaWAN networks use two levels of security; device security (to ensure that the correct device is connected to the network) and network security (to encrypt end-user data).
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