LoRaWAN Smart Security Proof of Concept Kit

Alliot’s LoRa-enabled smart security kits can provide round-the-clock monitoring for residential and commercial properties. The proof-of-concept kit provides a combination of devices including sensors, trackers and environment monitors. This kit will allow you to test your smart security system before rolling it out across the whole site.

Our smart security kit includes:

  • Door/window contact sensor. This will activate an alarm when it detects a door or window being opened.
  • Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor detects motion in a given area.
  • Portable emergency button can be used to ensure safety of lone workers.
  • Activity detection sensor can be attached to a valuable asset and sends an alarm when this item is moved.

All devices can be easily retrofitted enabling you to enhance your security protocols.

Smart Building Security Proof of Concept Kit

Kit contents:

  • PIR, temp & light sensor (RB11E)
  • Door/window sensor (R311A)
  • Activity Detection Sensor (R718MBA)
  • Personal emergency push button (R312A)
  • IoT Gateway with Ethernet/Wi-Fi connectivity (Kerlink iFemtoCell)
  • Batteries included
  • Sensor & Gateway provisioning
  • Server access for 3 months
  • Dashboard
  • Technical support

RRP: £576.72+VAT & shipping costs

Contact us to place an order or to discuss your IoT projects.

Optional extras:

  • Server subscription
  • IoT SIM plans available

We test all of our LoRaWAN sensors before they go on sale. We’re confident that the products we sell are fit-for-purpose, but we understand that you want to make sure that they work for you.

Our technical team are on hand to help you set up your smart security system. They can help you to decide which sensors will give you the most relevant information, where to position them and how to configure your dashboard.

This basic IoT starter kit is easy to set up and will allow you to test your proof of concept quickly.  If you’re looking for a more bespoke proof of concept kit, our technical team will be happy to help you put together a kit that suits your requirements.

Technical documents

All of our products are available for distribution across Europe. Contact our sales team to find out more about lead times and product availability.