Abeeway Industrial Tracker

The Abeeway Industrial Tracker is a highly versatile multi-mode LoRaWAN device, ideal for tracking the location of heavy-duty assets such as haulage and shipping containers, inventory or livestock. Combining GPS, Low-power GPS, WiFi Sniffer and LoRa TdoA geolocation technologies, the Abeeway Industrial Tracker features a battery life of up to 3 years in motion tracking mode, recording up to 120 positions per day.

With its IP66 rated casing, the Abeeway Industrial Tracker is both dust and water resistant making it suitable for various industrial indoor and outdoor applications. The Industrial Tracker also features embedded sensors for temperature, motion and pressure for enhanced monitoring.


  • Real-time motion tracking
  • Features embedded sensors for measuring temperature, motion and pressure
  • High battery longevity
  • Easily upgrade firmware through an integrated micro-USB port
  • Track industrial assets and livestock
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Range of up to 15km with LoRa gateways

Technical Information

  • 19Ah type D battery
  • IP66 rated casing
  • Ready to be deployed worldwide: EU868, US915, AS923
  • Certified by the LoRa Alliance

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RRP: £118.80+VAT

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