Kerlink – Wirnet Station

The Wirnet Station is a robust and highly reliable outdoor LoRaWAN gateway for smart IoT networks. It’s ruggedized and streamlined design brings together optimized embedded processing capabilities, advanced remote monitoring options, and enhanced radio network configuration, easy to operate even for non-telecom users. This LoRaWAN gateway is fully compatible with Kerlink network operations tools, Wanesy Management Center, and third-parties’ solutions to enable flexible and scalable deployments across many industries.


  • 868 MHz ISM band LongRangeTM bidirectional communications capabilities
  • Embedded, remote and open low power communication station
  • Open development framework based on standard Linux OS
  • WAN connectivity over GPRS/EDGE/3G or Ethernet
  • Interference-resistant for a better data transmission
  • Easy installation
  • Bidirectionnal


Ordering information

Kerlink – Wirnet Station
Part Code: PDTIOT-15500
RRP: £910.14+VAT

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