LoRaWAN Open/Close Monitoring

Open/Close Monitoring with LoRaWAN

LoRaWAN open/close sensors have multiple purposes. From maintaining security, to ensuring equipment maintains operational efficiency, open/close sensors offer a smart solution for remote monitoring.

Alliot’s range of open/close sensors are useful for a multitude of applications. The R311A is ideal for monitoring doors and windows in controlled environments such as refrigeration units and server rooms. The R718LB, on the other hand is ideal for environments where a bigger tolerance gap is required for example gates and barn doors.

Using LoRaWAN open/close sensors has a range of benefits:

  • Wireless range of up to 10 km
  • Low power usage – up to 5 years battery life
  • Simple to set up and install
  • Low power usage – long lasting battery up to 5 years
  • Can be shipped ready to plug & play thanks to our provisioning services
  • Compatible with third-party services for automated SMS & email alerts

COVID-19 IoT Solutions – Open/Close Monitoring

With many people staying home, LoRaWAN can provide a fast resolution for remote monitoring of a wide range of parameters. Remote monitoring with open/close sensors could help to create some smart applications during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

In Healthcare – Occupancy

Many health and social care environments have areas with restricted access. Open/close sensors can be useful in monitoring these areas. Alerts can be set up to report activity in restricted areas, helping to maintain security.

Open/close sensors can also help to monitor occupancy in healthcare when the number of visitors may be limited or staff levels are reduced. Having easy access to data provided by open/close sensors can help save key workers valuable time.

Occupancy Monitoring during COVID-19

COVID-19 - Open/Close Monitoring

In Healthcare – Temperature

Open/close sensors such as the Netvox R311A can be combined with temperature monitoring sensors to create a smart solution for temperature controlled areas.

Pairing the two sensors together will increase operational efficiency. With access to temperature readings, users can easily identify if any changes are as a result of a door/window being left open.