Adeunis Pulse ATEX Sensor

The Adeunis Pulse ATEX provides a counter sensor for monitoring gas and steam consumption. Similar to the Adeunis Pulse Counter, this ATEX version is DIN-Rail mountable and can be connected to 2 meters simultaneously. Certified to be used with flammable gases, mists or vapours or combustible dusts, this device enables you to monitor energy efficiencies.

Adeunis Pulse ATEX Counter

Ideal for applications such as Smart Buildings and Smart Manufacturing, the Adeunis Pulse ATEX is suitable for use in the following areas:

Gas and Steam

  • Zone 1: immediate proximity to the sensitive area
  • Group 11C: Hydrogen gases and vapours, acetylene etc.


  • Zone 21: immediate proximity to the sensitive area

By monitoring the flow rate of gas, the Adeunis Pulse ATEX can be used to monitor consumption as well as detecting leaks and tampering. This LoRaWAN device transmits recorded data at your selected intervals to help provide a better service continuity. The Adeunis Pulse ATEX can be remotely configured to transmit readings and alerts at intervals at your preferred timings.


  • Wireless range of up to 10 km (depending on environment)
  • Robust IP67 rated casing
  • Integrated fastening system: DIN-Rail, tube, wall mount, flange
  • Soldered battery
  • Monitor gas, steam and/or dust



Available Frequency LoRaWAN: EU863-870


Dimensions 105mm x 50mm x 27mm
Weight 70g
Operating Temperature Range -25°C ~ 70°C
ATEX Specifications ATEX II 2 G D
Ex ib IIC T4 Gb
Ex ib IIIC T135°C Db
-20°C < Tamb < +40°C

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Ordering information

Partcode: ARF8230FA
RRP: £94.96+VAT

Can be used in conjunction with the Belsenso Optical Reader:
Partcode: FM230e (Flash Led detection in front of the meter)
RRP: £187.49
Partcode: FM230m (Disk meters)
RRP: £198.67

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