Metos LoRAIN Rain Sensor

Measure rainfall with Metos® LoRAIN LoRaWAN rain sensor is ideal for use in Smart Agriculture applications. This intelligent device designed by Pessl Instruments utilises LoRaWAN technology to provide a timely, cost-effective IoT solution.

Featuring a smart power supply, the Metos® LoRAIN LoRaWAN rain sensor uses solar power. With its super capacitor you can ensure devices remain connected in even the most remote locations.

Data collected from the Metos® LoRAIN is then fed via your LoRaWAN network to your preferred software for visualisation.

Metos® LoRAIN LoRaWAN Rain Sensor

Recorded data can be used to:

  • Arrange your work week/day based on localised weather forecast
  • Plan your irrigation based on predicted water use
  • Improve plant protection and prevent crop losses
  • Save water, money and time


  • LoRaWAN® Compliant
  • Ideal for use in Smart Agriculture applications
  • State of the art capacitor charged with integrated solar panel
  • IP65 rated casing made up of UV resistant polycarbonate plastic
  • Rain gauge sensitivity: 1 tip per 0.2mm


Intelligent power supply State of the art capacitor charged via an integrated solar panel
The very low power requirements or LoRaWAN® communication enables a battery-free power concept for LoRAIN. Avoid the hassle of forgetting to switch off the device or damaging the batteries due to deep discharge during storage.
Housing UV resistant polycarbonate plastic (Protection class IP65)
Dimensions 22.5 cm L x 17 cm W x 18 cm H
Weight 1.10 kg
Connectivity LoRaWAN: EU863-870 other variants are available
Measuring interval LoRaWAN: 5 minutes
Logging interval LoRaWAN: 15 minutes
Transmission interval LoRaWAN: 15 minutes
Rain Gauge Sensor Sensitivity: 1 tip per 0.2 mm

Measurement, logging and transmission intervals can be set to fit the client’s needs.

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RRP: £320.00 + VAT
Partcode: LORAIN-L (With Temperature & Humidity Sensor)
RRP: £518.40 + VAT

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