IMBuildings LoRaWAN People Counter

Remotely monitor visitor numbers with the LoRaWAN people counter from IMBuildings. Ideal for areas where people numbers need to be restricted or monitored this smart device enables you to react quickly. Utilising horizontal Infrared, this smart device counts people crossing a horizontal line.
IMBuildings LoRaWAN People Counter

Whether you’re looking to build up a better picture of your venues peak times, monitor the most used entrance/exit, or to restrict access when an area reaches capacity, this LoRaWAN people counter is ideal for use in a variety of environments including:

  • Libraries
  • Class Rooms
  • Supermarkets & Retail Stores
  • Airports
  • Events

The IMBuildings LoRaWAN people counter provides bi-directional counting for monitoring in and outgoing traffic. Over time this data can then be used to predict useful information such as; average visitor time, wait times and queue times.

Extra protection can be added to the IMBuildings people counter with a robust casing available to purchase separately.

This LoRaWAN people counter can also be particularly useful in adhering to COVID-19 restrictions. Contact us to discuss how our range of IoT sensors can help you re-open safely.


  • LoRaWAN® Compliant
  • Easy to install
  • Utilises Infrared Technology
  • Battery life of up to 1 year
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Provides bi-directional people counting



Battery 2 x 1.5V AA Alkaline batteries


Wireless Technology Class A LoRaWAN®


Dimensions 116mm x 69mm x 22mm
Case Materials White / ABS (black covers optional)
Environmental Protection Robust housing available to purchase separately

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Ordering information

Partcode (White): IB010-001.00
RRP: £245.16 + VAT
Partcode (Black): IB010-001.02
RRP: £245.16 + VAT
Partcode (Robust Casing): IB002-002.00
RRP: £184.41 + VAT

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