Parametric Outdoor People Counter with XIO Digital Outputs

The Parametric people counter combines the popular outdoor people counter with an XIO extension board for digital outputs.

Providing a camera-less solution, the Parametric object counter uses radar signals to monitor bi-directional traffic. Ideal for environments where occupancy levels need to be monitored, this object counter can be configured to work alongside other devices to control equipment, lamps and/or access control systems.

Housed in a slim, easy to mount case, the PCR2-XIO can operate autonomously or as a class C LoRaWAN sensor. Users can select from one of three modes depending on use case, these include:

  • Pulse on left/right detection
  • Switch and hold on any movement
  • Capacity alarm (red/green light for visual signal)

The Parametric object counter sensor can be useful in monitoring visitor numbers during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the use of the Parametric pole light, the sensor can help to signify when it is safe for people to enter areas such as hospitality and retail.

Parametric Radar object counter sensor

For ease of use, the object counter sensor can be easily configured with both USB and NFC connectivity for detecting the movement of people, animals and objects traveling at a speed of 1-20 km/h.


  • Bi-Directional counting of persons passing by (left/right counting)
  • Integrated dual radar sensor with advanced signal processing
  • LoRaWAN® connectivity
  • Compatible traffic light lamp for stop/go visualisation coming soon
  • Vertically (pole) or horizontally (overhead) mountable
  • No surveillance camera – no privacy issues
  • Integrated Antenna
  • 2 integrated LEDs for signalling left-to-right or right-to-left directions
  • 2 electronic relays (max 60/2A) for individual usage
  • Remote configuration by LoRaWAN downlink

The above video shows the Parametric PCR2-XIO object counter sensor in action. With bi-directional counting, the sensor is able to monitor the number of people arriving and leaving to provide an accurate occupancy level. The example illustrated in the video has been configured with Parametric’s pole light traffic to provide a visual alert to make visitors aware when it’s safe to enter. Ideal for maintaining social distancing in areas such as hospitality and retail, the pole light is now available to order.

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Operating Voltage External 5 – 12 V DC power supply or USB 5V
Operating Modes Timespan: Summing up detections during interval time
NotZero: Summing up detections during interval time and send only if not zero
Trigger: Instant transmission on detection
Detectable Objects People, animals, 1-20km/h


Antenna Integrated Dipole 1.4 dBi
Protocol LoRaWANV1.0.2 with LoRaWAN Regional Parameters v1.0.2rB
LoRaWAN Activation OTAA
LoRaWAN Region EU868 (Others available on request)


Material ABS or ASA Plastics
Colour Light grey
Protection Class IP65
Weight 145g
Operating Temperature -30°C ~ +60°C
Storage Temperature -45°C ~ +85°C

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Partcode: PCR2-EU868-XIO
RRP: £686.88+VAT

Partcode for sensor with stop/go signal light: SYS-C19/S180
RRP: £959.31+VAT

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