Adeunis Double Level Sensor for LoRaWAN

The Adeunis Double Level Sensor for LoRaWAN remotely monitors fluid levels. Offering a double level of detection, this sensor allows you to foresee potential overflow issues or highlight low levels before tanks run empty.

Adeunis Double Level Sensor for LoRaWAN

Ideal for applications such as Smart Farming & Agriculture the Adeunis Double Level Sensor for LoRaWAN® is a ready to use solution.

Examples of how the Adeunis Double Level Sensor can be used include:

  • Identifying changes in river water levels
  • Monitoring fuel levels in tanks
  • Anticipating an overflow/tipping of livestock water troughs

This self powered device can be configured to raise alerts when fluid levels are recorded below or above your set parameters.


  • Wireless range of up to 10 km (depending on environment)
  • Robust IP67 rated casing
  • Monitor fluid levels in tanks and rivers
  • Replaceable battery
  • Easy deployment

We can supply third-party online wireless sensor monitoring and notification systems to view data and set alerts via SMS text and email.

Ask us about our zero-touch provisioning service, this sensor can be supplied pre-configured and ready to go.


Available Frequency LoRaWAN®: EU863-870
Dimensions (Sensor) 105mm x 50mm x 27mm
Sensor Case IP67
Dimensions (Float) 215 mm total / 200 mm body float
Casing Stainless Steel 304
Cable length Approx 1m
Operating Temperature Range (Sensor) -25°C to + 70°C
Operating Temperature (Float) Up to 120°C
Working pressure 1MPa
Maximal pressure 5MPa

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Partcode: ARF8170BA-B02
RRP: £115.19+VAT

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