Alliot IoT Proof of Concept Kits

We’ve compiled some standard IoT proof of concept kits that allow you to test the LoRaWAN technology on a small scale, before scaling up to a fully fledged IoT project.

Our kits are compiled from industry-leading robust hardware and give you trial access to the very best server and dashboard software forming a complete end-to-end testing solution. Our IoT proof of concept kits aim to minimise both time to market and installation costs allowing you to accelerate your IoT project.

All of our IoT proof of concept kits include both sensor and gateway provisioning. This allows you to take the hardware out of the box, switch it on and start logging data.

energy monitoring proof of concept kitEnergy monitoring kits

LoRaWAN is a great choice for energy monitoring. We offer proof of concept kits in both single phase and three phase options. Our proof of concept kits can be easily fitted to your existing system and our easy-to-use dashboard will allow you to manage and analyse the data from your LoRaWAN sensors.

vibration monitoring proof of concept kitsVibration monitoring kits

Vibration monitoring allows you to monitor the functioning of your machinery on an ongoing basis. You can be proactive in carrying out maintenance and make note of any unusual activity in your manufacturing lines. LoRaWAN sensors can quickly and easily be retrofitted, allowing minimal disruption to activity.

smart building proof of concept kitsSmart Building kits

Smart buildings are the future. Advances in technology allow us to monitor a wide range of parameters in real time. LoRaWAN sensors allow you to do this with minimal power and device maintenance over the lifetime of the system.

MultiTech LoRa Starter Kit

MultiTech have developed their own LoRa® Starter Kit, helping you to have your solutions up, running and connected to the cloud in no time.

Supplied with programmable boards, you have the flexibility to develop your starter kit to monitor factors such as temperature, light, pressure and or vibration.

smart towns and citiesSmart Towns & Cities Starter Packs

IoT technology can provide local authorities with key information as to how to improve their services and reduce costs. Our Smart Towns and Cities Starter Packs are available as Gold, Silver or Bronze packages to suit your budget and requirements. Whether you’re looking to improve traffic management or reduce energy costs, we have a solution to you.

Bespoke IoT proof of concept kits

You might have an idea for using LoRaWAN technology as part of your next IoT project that’s not listed here. Have a look at our wide range of products to see which ones would best suit your application, and we can put together a package that suits you. We’re happy to discuss your needs and come up with a bespoke IoT proof of concept package for you. Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out how we can help you with setting up your IoT project.