Trackpac – Asset Trackers

TrackPac - Asset Tracking

Trackpac Compatible Devices

What is Trackpac?

Trackpac is a system, using the low-frequency radio network Helium, for tracking in real-time the whereabouts of any asset, item, pet or person (for example, a relative with dementia) who is carrying a Trackpac tracker. Trackpac has been developed in the UK to transmit data through the Helium network.

Today, Helium is the largest ubiquitous wireless network in the world, providing the coverage to allow seamless connectivity globally. The founding team behind Trackpac (Neil and Rob) are seasoned professionals, engineers and practiced network-builders of standing within the Helium community. They have learned and commercialised the potential that Helium offers to apply blockchain technology to wireless connectivity. It’s what is coming next and it’s going to be big.

Getting Started

Trackpac will give you a mobile app (Android or Apple) that will enable you to visually follow any asset to which the tracker is attached. You will have push notifications, battery alerts and geofence capabilities letting you know if your assets are moving or stationary. All of this at a very low, unbeatably low, cost. Put Helium/Trackpac to the test! Enjoy a free month on us to find your feet.

Alliot Technologies offer a range of Asset Tracking sensors compatible with TrackPac’s platform. Find out more and request a quote to purchase today!