u-blox Indoor Monitoring Kit

u-blox Indoor Monitoring Kit

Kit Description

Remotely monitor your indoor environments with the u-blox indoor monitoring kit.

Comprising of:

RRP from £539.21 + VAT & shipping costs

This kit is designed to enable you to gather insightful information which can be used to improve energy efficiencies, optimise conditions and make more informed decisions about your premises.

Compatible with the u-blox Thingstream platform, this kit is simple to install and maintain. Simply plug and play, with u-blox Thingstream IoT is easy.

u-blox MQTT Here provides fully scalable LoRaWAN® components with a gateway bridge, network server and application server all of which are automatically configured through the Thingstream cloud-based delivery platform and administration interface. Users can access IoT communication, security, enterprise-grade MQTT broker, visual programming, simple enterprise integration, and support for u-blox global positioning hardware.

Orders can be placed through Alliot Technologies, simply contact us today to place your order.

Thingstream Key Features

  • Connect everything – Easily connect and manage IoT devices, APIs and online services
  • Data Flow Manager – Decision making and data management at the network edge with a simple drag-and-drop programming interface
  • Simple enterprise integration – Ready-made connectors for cloud-based services including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, TIBCO eFTL and more
  • Enterprise-ready fully-scalable live entertainment – Reliable, robust scaling with all of the hard work taken out

u-blox have a simple pricing structure of $20.00 per month for 50k messages + overage per message of $0.0008

About u-blox

Our world is moving fast, soon your car will drive itself and you will carry your doctor in your pocket. Your home will power the grid and you will be connected like never before. At u-blox we are setting the beat delivering the core technology to locate and wirelessly connect people, machines and everything else making us the agile and reliable partner that will take you beyond expectations.