LoRaWAN Smart Building Occupancy Proof of Concept Kit

Alliot’s LoRaWAN Smart Building Kit  allows you to monitor your building’s activities to quickly identify:

  • Maximise use of workspace and meeting rooms.
  • Better workplace experiences can lead to improved productivity.
  • Operations & maintenance efficiencies.

Easily fit the LoRaWAN sensors to monitor conditions and detect presence in workspaces, homes, hospitals etc. Installation is quick and simple with our proof of concept kit, perfect for converting your existing commercial building into a smart building.

Knowing which areas of your building are occupied can help to reduce operating costs. You can potentially save money on energy consumption by only heating/cooling and lighting areas that are occupied.

You’ll be able to monitor occupancy in real time. This PoC kit is designed for room-by-room analysis, so contains a long-range PIR sensor. We also stock desk sensors which are designed to identify if a desk is occupied or not. This is ideal for use in a large hot-desking area.

Our LoRaWAN Smart Building PoC kit is designed with simplicity in mind. It will allow you to determine whether or not the system will be suitable for your IoT application. If you have specific requirements in mind, we will happily put together a bespoke proof of concept kit for you. Speak to our technical team today to find out more and start planning your smart building solution!

Smart building PoC Kit contents:

  • PIR, temperature and light sensor (RB11E)
  • CO2, temperature and Humidity sensor (R72615A)
  • IoT Gateway with Ethernet/Cellular 3G/4G connectivity (Tektelic Kona Micro)
  • Batteries included
  • Sensor & Gateway provisioning
  • Server access for 3 months
  • Dashboard
  • Technical support

All of our proof of concept kits are pre-configured remotely so that you can simply “plug and play”. Our technical team will help you to access the dashboard, allowing you to access and analyse your data. We’ll continue to provide technical support throughout the proof of concept period, and help you scale up your IoT project when you’re ready.

RRP: £676.34+VAT & shipping costs

Contact us to place an order or to discuss your IoT projects.

Optional extras:

  • Server subscription
  • IoT SIM plans available

Technical documents: