LoRaWAN Asset Trackers

LoRaWAN Asset Trackers

LoRaWAN Asset Trackers are the perfect solution for monitoring geolocation within your business.

Asset trackers can work using traditional GPS or wifi sniffing. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, depending on your IoT application.

Using LoRaWAN sensors for asset tracking has a range of benefits:

  • Long range (distances up to 15 km from the nearest LoRa gateway)
  • Low power usage
  • Low cost
  • Simple installation and deployment processes
  • No subscription/SIM card required

LoRaWAN asset trackers can be used for a wide variety of IoT applications. Vehicle tracking can be used across a number of industry sectors, as can equipment tracking. Smart agriculture applications include livestock and machinery tracking.

Asset tracking in COVID-19 Pandemic

We’re really keen to help healthcare teams and businesses throughout the global coronavirus pandemic. We believe that LoRaWAN technology can provide a low-cost smart solution for a wide range of applications. LoRaWAN devices can be deployed quickly and configured remotely.

Photo by Olga Guryanova on Unsplash

In healthcare

We’d love to help our frontline doctors and nurses in any way we can.

LoRaWAN GPS sensors can be attached to key items of equipment such as ventilators and oxygen tanks.

Knowing how many items of equipment you have, and which department/floor they’re on will help move vital resources around more quickly.

You can also set up geofencing to alert you when an item is taken off site or out of your department.

We can set up an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to categorise the trackers and search for the item you need.

In logistics

Delivery services are keeping our economy running while social distancing regulations are in place.

Asset tracking in logistics is well-established. LoRaWAN asset tracking offers a cost-effective solution to traditional GPS.

Our GPS trackers can be fixed to any asset; individual vehicles, containers or parcels.

LoRaWAN technology uses very small amounts of data sent over a free-to-use network. No SIM card required.

The battery life of our LoRaWAN asset trackers can last up to 3 years. They will require minimal maintenance in that time as all updates and data transfer can be done remotely.

For more information on how we can help your organisation through this unsettled business period, speak to a member of our team today.