Cellular LPWAN Sensors

Asset Tracking

NB-IoT Asset Tracking Sensors

Available in a variety of sizes, NB-IoT GPS Trackers can be used to monitor the location of personal, industrial, micro and compact assets. Combining GPS, WiFi Scanning, BLE and cellular connectivity, track your assets wherever you may be.

Environmental IoT Sensors

NB-IoT sensors temperature humidity

Temperature and humidity play an important role in the overall comfort of your smart buildings and cities, Cellular LPWAN sensors can be used to monitor a range of environmental factors to improve your comfort levels.

Energy IoT Sensors

NB-IoT & LTE-M energy sensors

Monitoring energy consumption can deliver great results quickly. Whether you’re looking to improve sustainability or save money Cellular LPWAN sensors can help.

Vibration/Movement Sensors

vibration/movement NB-IoT sensors

Remotely detect activity on your machinery and assets with cellular LPWAN Sensors vibration/movement sensors. These sensors can also be used to detect collisions and unusual activity.

Security IoT Sensors

NB-IoT/LTE-M security sensor

Add an extra level of protection to your assets by monitoring unusual activity or even tracking the location for theft recovery. Security sensors can be used to automate alerts.

Outdoor IoT Sensors

Outdoor Cellular LPWAN Sensors

With robust casings, many cellular LPWAN sensors are suitable to be used outdoors. With IP ratings of IP64 to IP67, these sensors offer a high degree of resistance from water, dust and extreme temperatures.