LoRaWAN® NKE Smart Plug

The LoRaWAN® Smart Plug from NKE Watteco can be used for monitoring power consumption and remotely managing electrical appliances in commercial applications such as Smart Buildings as well as domestic environments.

This Class C LoRaWAN® device has full CE Certification so can be used for deployments of any size in both commercial and domestic applications. The embedded multi-function smart plug meter continuously measures active and reactive power and reports power quality measurements such as average/min/max voltage and frequency. The sensor is also a fully functioning power actuator giving you the capability to power on or off the connected outlet via remote access.

For additional functionality, the NKE LoRaWAN® Smart Plug also supports remote power scheduling enabling you to specify the hours that a device/appliance should be connected to power.

NKE LoRaWAN Smart Plug


  • LoRaWAN® Class C Compatible
  • Simple configuration & easy to use
  • 16A/230V On/Off Control of electrical equipment
  • Power consumption monitoring
  • Measured parameters can be locally stored on the device
  • Accuracy of < 1% above 40W or >1% below 40W
  • Voltage and mains frequency reporting
  • LED indication to show if the plug is receiving a downlink or is connected to the network on start up
  • RoHS compliant
  • CE Certified


Operating Voltage (VAC) 100-250
Power frequency (Hz) 50-60
Max Load Capacity 16A/250VAC
RF Transceiver:
Frequency (MHz) EU: 863-870
Transmit Power (dBm) +14
Receiver Sensitivity (dBm) -140
Protocol LoRaWAN TM , Class C
Transmission cycles 10mn, 1h, 12h or defined by network
Activation method OTAA/ABP
Data encryption AES128
LED Indicator Configuration and Pairing
Button Reset, On/Off
Physical and Environmental:
Dimensions 62 x 114 x 40
Plug Type UK Type G
Operating Temperature -20° ~ +50°

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Partcode: 50-70-003-UK
RRP: £167.62+VAT
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