Outdoor IoT Sensors

Sensors suitable for outdoor use with various deployments. IP rated from IP64 up to IP67 these sensors offer a high degree of resistance from water, dirt and dust.

enLink Air X Outdoor Air Quality Sensor
RRP from: £1,545.50 +VAT
enLink Status-AF Air Flow Sensor
RRP: £214.15 +VAT
Elsys Maxbotix Ultrasonic Level Sensor
RRP: £310.23 +VAT
Oyster LoRaWAN GPS Tracker

RRP: £116.52 +VAT
Decentlab DL-ITST Surface Temperature Sensor
RRP from: £670.62 +VAT
Parametric Multispeed Traffic Counter
RRP: £719.39 +VAT
Parametric Outdoor People Counter Sensor

RRP: £594.00 +VAT
Abeeway Compact Tracker
RRP from: £133.92 +VAT
Adeunis Double Level Fluid Sensor
RRP: £115.19 +VAT
Metos® Clima LPWAN Weather Station

RRP: £2,051.50 +VAT
Metos® LoRAIN Rain Sensor

RRP from: £320.00 +VAT
Sensoterra Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor
RRP: £183.47 +VAT
Wireless LoRaWAN Toilet Occupancy Sensor (R718PQA)
RRP: £110.37+VAT
Wireless LoRaWAN Soil Sensor (R718PB15A)
RRP: £257.71+VAT
Wireless LoRaWAN Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Sensor (R712)RRP: £88.51+VATIndustrial Wireless LoRaWAN Temperature and Humidity Sensor (R718AB)RRP: £80.18+VATWireless LoRaWAN Reed Switch Sensor (R718F)RRP: £69.77+VATWireless LoRaWAN 0-5V ADC Sampling Interface (R718IA)RRP: £72.89+VATWireless LoRaWAN 2-Input 0-5V ADC Sampling Interface (R718IA2)RRP: £94.76+VATIndustrial Wireless LoRaWAN Activity Detection Sensor (R718MBA)RRP: £74.97+VATWireless LoRaWAN Activity Event Counter (R718MBB)RRP: £74.97+VATIndustrial Wireless LoRaWAN Activity Timer (R718MBC)RRP: £74.97+VATWireless LoRaWAN Solid Core CT 1-Phase Current Meter 30A (R718N1)RRP: £92.67+VATWireless LoRaWAN Solid Core CT 3-Phase Current Meter 3x60A (R718N3)RRP: £148.90+VATIndustrial Wireless LoRaWAN Water Leak Detector (R718WA)RRP: £77.05+VATWireless LoRaWAN Water Leak Detector with Rope Sensor (R718WB)
RRP: £127.03+VAT
Sensative Water Leak Multi Sensor
RRP: £95.85 +VAT
Strega Smart Emitter
RRP from: £204.12 +VAT
Bosch LoRaWAN Parking Lot Sensor
RRP: £175.75+VAT
Tekelek Fluid Measurement Sensor (TEK766)
RRP from: £164.70 +VAT
Tekelek LoRaWAN Waste Bin Sensor (TEK839)
RRP from: £201.15 +VAT