Alliot offers a provisioning service for sensors and gateways meaning you can receive hardware ready to work automatically out-of-the-box. Provisioned devices enable efficient, cost-effective installation without the need for highly skilled technicians – simply provide us with your configuration requirements and we’ll take care of the rest!

Following your order, provisioned devices can then be drop shipped direct to your customer in white labelled packaging helping to reduce shipping costs and delays in delivery time.


Plug & Play configurationWe can provision your device prior to shipping. Just power up & connect to your network.

Secure registration of your devicesAlliot’s provision-safe portal ensures all device connection keys are transferred securely.

Faster installationFrom a single device right through to commercial deployments, we can provision all equipment to suit your specific use case.

Bulk provisioningManual provisioning is a costly, time-consuming process. Our service enables an efficient cost-effective solution to ensure speedy deployment of your devices, essential for large scale IoT installations.

Network provisioningWe can provide full set up of your network gateways ensuring they connect seamlessly to either a new or existing server.

What can we configure?


  • AppEUI
  • AppKEY


  • Connection to a Network Server
  • Configuration of backhaul including cellular APN

Ordering information

Pricing starts from £1 per sensor, £10 per indoor gateway & £15 per outdoor gateway.

Discounted Trade Pricing: Contact us for trade pricing, to place an order or to discuss your IoT projects.