Kerlink Wanesy Device Management

Whether you have a single gateway on a small private network or multiple gateways on a commercial network, Wanesey provides an easy to use and powerful solution to deploy, operate and manage your LoRaWAN IoT connections.

Managing or updating an already deployed fleet of connected end-devices throughout their entire life-cycle can be a huge time and cost investment when it needs to be done manually and locally. There is also a high risk that some end-devices will have an old firmware version which could create an disparate fleet, potentially leading to diverse end-user experiences.

The Kerlink Wanesy Device Management solution is an application service which allows remote configuration and firmware upgrades from a central management interface. With Wanesy, devices can be simply updated over-the-air by adding new functionality, installing applications, configuring settings and parameters, as well as monitoring and provisioning devices to keep them operating at optimal performance levels.


    • Can be configured to support projects from proof of concept to large scale commercial networks
    • Seamlessly migrate existing devices and gateways into your network management solution
    • Cost effective solution based on number of gateways in operation on the network
    • Easily scalable as your project grows
    • Full range of support and warranty solutions available to ensure the network is maintained

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