Top Considerations When Selecting Your NB-IoT Connectivity Partner

We know selecting your NB-IoT connectivity partner can be an overwhelming task. Whoever you decide to go with, chances are you will be entering a partnership which will last at least 12 months.

To help with your selection, we’ve compiled our top tips to help you identify the key considerations when selecting your NB-IoT connectivity partner.

When it comes to data packages, there’s a lot to choose from. Everyone seems to be offering ‘the best price or package’, but what else should you be taking into account?

Roaming Agreements & UK Contracts

If you’re going to be deploying sensors throughout the UK & Ireland, you’re going to want to make sure you have a UK agreement in place, not a roaming agreement. These are two very different things.

A UK contract will ensure you have NB-IoT connectivity for the duration of the agreement. This is vital to any IoT project.

A roaming agreement, on the other hand may offer a low-cost alternative in the interim, but there’s nothing stopping the provider from ending their agreements with the company whose network they are piggybacking on. Such agreements tend to stand for around 30 days. Outside of these agreements, additional charges may be applied. Since Brexit, there has been a lot of instability in roaming agreements which could leave you without any NB-IoT connectivity at all.

With many NB-IoT devices offering battery lives of up to 10 years, you want to ensure your connectivity is as robust as the sensor life!

Network Experience & Reliability

No one wants an unreliable network, especially when it’s collecting important data. Vodafone supports in excess of 100 million IoT connections across over 400 networks, in 180 countries. They are currently the UK’s only NB-IoT network provider, offering coverage for around 98% of their existing networks throughout the UK. In this instance, it’s worth checking the relationship your provider has with Vodafone – are they a direct partner or are they reselling their services.


Will your provider be able to offer the same connectivity package and migrate your billing into one consolidated sum?

As your projects scale, you will want to simplify your NB-IoT connectivity and billing as much as possible.


When signing up to an agreement, it can be wise to consider where your provider is located and that their operating hours suit you.


Data security is incredibly important. Vodafone offers additional protection including SIMLock, Private APN and automated usage alerts at no extra cost.

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