Cellular IoT SIM Cards

Alliot supply a range of IoT SIM cards to support the connectivity of your NB-IoT and LTE-M solutions. Available with either 1MB or 2MB of data as standard, we offer a variety of contracts to suit your requirements.

SIM card for NB-IoT & LTE-M devices

A key benefit of NB-IoT and CAT-M1/LTE-M is that you don’t require a gateway or network server. Instead, your deployed sensors connect to a cellular network provided by a mobile network provider via a SIM card.

IoT SIM cards are a critical component to any NB-IoT or CAT-M1/LTE-M IoT solution. Simply insert to your device and away you go! Supplied with a free to use online management portal our range of SIM cards for IoT devices allow you to access important information including:

  • Diagnostics
  • Data usages
  • SIM management
  • Alerting

Alliot’s range of SIM cards for IoT devices are designed for low data usage NB-IoT and LTE-M devices.

SIM Card Contract Lengths

Standard tariffs include 1MB or 2MB of data per month. LTE-M/CAT-M1 SIM cards are supplied on a 24-month contract.

NB-IoT SIM card contract lengths are available on 24, 36 or 60 month contracts.

Other contracts, data amounts and aggregated data pools are available on request.


  • Fixed monthly data allowances, standard packages include 1MB or 2MB data which will suit most NB-IoT and CAT-M1/LTE-M solutions.
  • Flexible contract terms available for NB-IoT SIMs.
  • Rugged SIM designed for NB-IoT and LTE-M applications.
  • Monitoring and management – our SIMs can be remotely managed and monitored using a free to use cloud-based portal.
  • Bring your NB-IoT and CAT-M1/LTE-M solutions to life.
Description Partcode Total Price
(Based on 2 Year Contract)
NB-IoT Nano SIM 1MB ACLPDH-6445 £33.06+VAT
NB-IoT Nano SIM 2MB ACLPDG-6446 £34.98+VAT
LTE CAT-M Nano SIM 1MB O2BB-6033 £34.56+VAT
LTE CAT-M Nano SIM 2MB O2BC-6034 £36.48+VAT

All of our products are available for fast delivery throughout the UK and Europe. Get in touch for more information on shipping costs, currency conversions and coverage in your area.

Unsure about the best technology to use for your project? Our team are on hand to help you make the best decision for your solution. More information on SIM cards for LoRaWAN gateways can be found on our managed IoT data SIMs page.

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