COVID-19 IoT Solutions

We are working with many partners to design and develop COVID-19 IoT solutions to help aid essential workers and industries during the current pandemic. We are using LoRaWAN® networks along with a variety of sensors, gateways, and IoT platforms to develop smart solutions that can help us all adjust to the new normal and tackle COVID-19 throughout the UK and Europe.

If you’re looking for support in developing solutions to help create COVID-secure workplaces we’re here to help. Our expert team can help you prepare to get back to work. Get in touch to talk to one of our consultants on how our LoRa offering can help support you.

IoT Solutions to Help the COVID-19 Outbreak

Many businesses around the world are finding technology solutions to maintain business continuity during the current crisis with many left with little option but to digitally transform over night. Alliot has the product set, services and technical expertise to assist you with the development of solutions to aid those on the front line.

Air Quality Monitoring

COVID-19 Air Quality Monitoring As we head into winter, it’s important we look to minimise the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19 indoors. Monitoring CO2 levels can give us a good indication of ventilation in indoor spaces and enable us to identify the need to allow fresh air to circulate.

Body Temperature Monitoring

COVID-19 Body Temperature Monitoring Reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases with the Kentix SmartXcan. Keep busy places moving with the ability to screen up to 700 people per hour with contactless body temperature monitoring.

People Counting

COVID-19 People Counting IoT people counter sensors provide bi-directional measurements for accurate human traffic monitoring. These sensors can be supplied with a specially designed pole light to provide visual traffic light signals to represent when an area is safe to enter, helping to maintain a safe capacity.

COVID-Secure Offices

Creating a COVID-Secure workplace with IoT IoT Desk Occupancy Sensors can help to create a COVID-secure workplace. Maintaining cleanliness in the office has never been more important. With our desk occupancy sensors you can automate alerts for desks to be cleaned as soon as they become vacant.

Asset Tracking

COVID-19 Asset Tracking With services being stretched and items in high demand, Asset Trackers can provide real time, accurate details on the physical location of vital items and/or people.

Legionella Checks

COVID-19 IoT Legionella Testing With the increase of hybrid and remote working stagnant water may increase the risk of legionaire’s disease. Remotely monitor the water safety of unoccupied offices and healthcare premises with our range of LoRaWAN® Sensors.

Temperature Monitoring

COVID-19 Temperature Monitoring Limit the need for physical inspection of hospital or vaccination centre refrigeration units and reduce the likelihood of any waste from medicines which need to be stored in specific conditions by remotely monitoring the temperature of medical fridges and freezers.

Open/Close Sensors

Remote Fire Door Testing IoT open/close sensors can be utilised as a security measure to monitor areas which have limited access or used alongside temperature sensors to record specific times when a refrigerator may have been left open.

Emergency Buttons

COVID-19 IoT Emergency Buttons These are challenging times for us all, particualrly those within overstretched healthcare organisations. Emergency panic buttons can help to alert other members of staff or perhaps provide vulnerable people with a fast means of raising an alarm.

Desk Sensors

COVID-19 IoT Bed Sensors Retrofit desk sensors for monitoring hospital bed availability. Having a clear picture of the location of vacant beds could ease admissions.

At Alliot Technologies we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. If the global coronavirus pandemic has pushed your business in a new direction, we’re here to help.

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