IoT Legionella Testing

Legionella Testing with LoRaWAN®

Legionnaires’ disease can be a potentially fatal form of pneumonia which employers or site/building managers need to be aware of. With many commercial buildings currently unoccupied, the risk of legionella may become higher with stagnant water providing the ideal breeding ground for bacteria to grow. Typically contracted by airborne bacteria, legionella testing is a legal requirement for commercial buildings.

According to the HSE’s advice there are a number of factors to take into account when assessing the risk of legionella within a buildings system, one of which is monitoring the water temperature in all or some parts of the system. Guidance states water stored at temperatures between 20 – 45°C encourages bacteria growth.

With IoT you can remotely monitor your legionella risk through the use of specialist LoRaWAN sensors. In some cases this risk requires manual management to maintain records of water temperature which due to the current COVID-19 pandemic can be easier said than done. Thanks to our smart solutions, you can eliminate the risk of human error or gaps in temperature monitoring which can arise when logs are manually recorded.

With Netvox’s 2-gang thermocouple sensor, you can remotely monitor the temperature of both hot and cold water supplies. Readings are sent at pre-determined intervals to a centralised system via a LoRaWAN gateway for simple visualisation and analysis – without the need for any physical testing. Coupled with the Strega Smart Valve, we can support you in creating a smart legionella testing solution with the ability to remotely control the flow of water.

Using the 2-gang thermocouple sensor for legionella testing offers a range of benefits:

  • Data can be transmitted to connected gateways over a distance of up to 10 km
  • Low power usage – up to 5 years battery life
  • Option to set parameters for SMS and email alerts
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Can be shipped ready to plug and play thanks to our provisioning services

COVID-19 IoT Solutions – Legionella Testing

With the majority of workers now working from home, many offices are currently unoccupied for the foreseeable future. As we head in to the warmer months, the standing water in these commercial properties may become the ideal breeding ground for legionella bacteria which if left could pose significant risks and health and safety breaches within the workplace.

With the enforcement of social distancing measures and work from home policies, using IoT to carry out legionella testing can help ensure companies/premises are meeting health and safety regulations without the need for physical inspection.

In the Workplace

With the majority of offices currently out of use, stagnant water in systems can pose a risk of legionnaires' disease.

Paired with the Strega smart water valve, you can remotely control an entire water system to ensure optimal levels are maintained without the need to visit the site.

COVID-19 - Legionella Testing in Healthcare

In Healthcare

With temporary hospitals being created to help treat COVID-19 patients, using LoRaWAN to monitor legionella risks can help to ensure the safety of frontline workers and patients alike.

Many care homes have also been widely affected by the pandemic with high infection rates. It is a requirement for monthly temperature checks to be recorded at the sentinel taps i.e. the flow and return temperatures to minimise the risk of legionella. Utilising IoT to create and maintain a digital log of these measurements could have a positive impact in minimising the risk of the spread of COVID-19 to vulnerable people.

For more information on how we can help your organisation through this unsettled business period, speak to a member of our team today.